Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How would you suggest that we create the day?

Many of you have lives with children, families, friends and elderly adults who may need you to help them or care for them. Many of you have jobs or careers that will require your time and attention. Then, you have some form of residence that you attend to and care for. We consider this energy as something fixed in your daily plan that needs your attention to various degrees. Now, realize that you have much happening outside of this energy. Even with family and friends, you still have activities that require attention. How you give these people and events your energies is where you may find many variables. This is where we ask to be invited in so that we can be co-creators with you. There is much room for play in this. It is important to find balance so that you are prioritizing your energy where it is really needed in order of importance. Are you happy with your part of the experiences? If not, how could you make another choice that you are happy with? Start assessing moments on how you can handle things in a way that works better for you and all concerned. Be open to something completely different coming through that alters how you deal with something. Be aware and conscious. You will notice shifts and changes. You are constantly in positions to re-evaluate your processes and behaviors. You are now in a place of massive shifting and changing. Be aware this has always be available to you. It will just be more pronounced now.