Saturday, January 5, 2013

Healing takes on many forms and encompasses many energies. For starters, most people who create illness do so for various reasons. You must first understand how something serves you and what it was created to do. Then, don’t get locked into disease or your definition of what is taking place. Your body is composed of different systems. These systems are meant to work and flow in specific ways within and around you. When the flow gets stuck or stops flowing, you have what humans perceive as disease or illness. There are messages in what is showing up and you must learn to pay attention to what is taking place. Don’t use this energy as an excuse or feel the need push through it and be tough. Stop and pay attention to what is taking place. View it from and energy perspective. Let it speak to you or communicate with you. Then, as you process the message, you will understand what is taking place. Once you address the experience, you will be guided into another piece. Allow the experience to be a great teacher for you.

People often disregard their wake up calls and wonder why something may appear to be too late. Let each experience open your mind and body up to learning the lesson being presented. There are some experiences in health that may be shifted and some will need to be. You may decide how to process the experience and determine your course of action or decisions from the experience. Some spirits may be using their health as a way to make their transition into another realm. Some may just be using health experiences to help them in a specific piece. Know that whatever is taking place is just energy changing and reshaping. It is a different form of energy alignment. Nothing is truly fixed, unless the individual wishes it to be so.