Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back in November, I was talking with someone and I made the comment that everything always works out. I was met with “no, that isn’t true. Everything doesn’t always work out.” I stepped back and asked the question to my team and was told everything always works out. Where people get caught up is when they believe that they know what that means. Humans have a perception of what it means to have something work out. They mean that it works out the way their ego mind wants it to work out with a specific outcome. Something working out doesn’t mean that you have the outcome that you expect or desire. It means that all works out how it needs to work out. Recognize that all pieces of existence are parts of a process. It doesn’t begin or end in your reality or from the perspective of your current form. So, with all the ripples of time and space, all things work out just as the spirit and soul expect it to work out and need it to work out. What you see is not always what is happening. So, if you don’t know how something fits into the picture, how can you judge if it worked out or not? To understand how something works out, you must expand your perception of reality and what is taking place. You must also know how the souls involved fit into the specific piece and the moments in the past, present and future. From our perspectives everything always works out just perfectly. Once you learn to expand into the all that is, you will understand this better.


Moses and the Light Bringers