Friday, January 18, 2013

What is the blessing in each person and event. We see many who seek to make someone or something different from what it is. It may not be something that you understand but there is a blessing in there. There are countries who would create laws to harm segments of the population because they don’t understand them or impose some “Divine” perception of right and wrong and would harm someone for not conforming or fitting whatever their perception is. Yet, that being who isn’t understood is still a blessing that was given to the community and physical world.

We ask that you start looking at the blessing of something instead of ways to try and change people and make them fit your mold. Each of you is how you are and what you are, as part of a blessing. You have been gifted with talents and journey’s in your world. Now stop focusing on what you perceive as faults and start looking at how they work in your life and your journey.

If something works for you great. It is not your job to impose that experience on someone whom it may not be right for. Each of you needs to work through your own lives and what is right for you. Never fear that you will be alone for the perfect beings will join you soon. Don’t hold onto someone just because you are lonely. Seek to be with those who fit you and your world. You are who and what you are for a reason. So, celebrate that!

Love and Light!

The Light Bringers