Thursday, January 17, 2013

There are times that all humans will feel lonely or alone. Many light beings come from worlds where they are used to their existences and then they enter into your human realm and feel out of place. Once in the physical forms that they now possess, they feel like outcasts in a world that isn’t able to see them for who and what they are. Many will find a disconnect from their true paths because they seek to fit into the human world. Know you are never alone. You may find that you have many beings around you at all times. You may not be able to tell when they are there but they are there. What you see on the human plane of existence is not all that exists. There is no need to collect people or situations that don’t resonate with you so that you can escape the lonely sensations. You may be in a crowd and still feel lonely so that will not solve what you think you want. It is better to release those who don’t belong with you and attract those who do belong with you. You will ultimately find much more happiness.

You may ask the energies around you to help you feel them more clearly. When you feel alone, ask for those who belong with you and around you to show up. Always ask for help staying on your true path. We say true path but that is really individual to each of you. So, there is a very large variation for each of you. It must be what is within you and not because others try to force a specific pattern or way on you. Access what is within you and allow that to lead you. Other’s don’t need to understand what you are drawn to do or be. It is important that you follow the pure essence within you. You will know if the path is right. There will be a sense of expanse in the experience.