Monday, October 31, 2011


All Hallows Eve is a time of the veils thinning. You are at a place between realms and dimensions where you may straddle the worlds and the worlds may straddle with you. This is a time of coming together between the seen and unseen. This is a collective party between all that is around you. Know this and try and celebrate with all that is around you. Take time to enjoy this. Be near us and commune with us. There is much growth in what takes place during this festival.

The ancients were aware that something magical happened on this day. Modern society gets the fun in this holiday but there is also something holy about what takes place. This year, have fun with the costumes and candy but also spend some time connecting to what is sacred in this moment. Look beyond what you have been taught of this day and see what presents itself. There is nothing to be scared of. Look to the sacred.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Divine Order

Know that all is in divine order. It all works out according to plan. We see humans who are stuck in ego who come in and try and muck up the plan but the plan will always win out. The timing may be changed or adjusted based on how humans interfere with what needs to happen. In the case of light workers, there are many times where ego based people show up and put a block or interference on something because they have no clue about what they are doing or what their action will do to others.

When you find this type of thing happening in your life or world, step back, breathe and ask for guidance on how to be with the energy and how to navigate it. We will show you what to do and then help you get back on track faster. Those who are tuned in do not have the luxury now of disconnecting from the path. You must stay on course and your teams will help you with whatever needs to happen with the least amount of stress.

The Light

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Within the parameter of home, each of you needs to find what gives you comfort. Your home should be a place where you can relax and be yourself. You should be able to be open and relaxed. When you live in environments where you feel that you must be on guard each moment, you are not truly at home.

Envision the type of home that would make you happy. What do you want with relationship to friends, family and environment? Do you want a porch or some land around you? We may need you to live in a certain area of the country, state or world but within that you can have many things that will help you to do the work you are meant to do and live the life that you are meant to live. Find and create what works best for you.

If you hate being in an area, there are probably other areas around you that you might enjoy. We may tell you which city or community to live in but it is up to you to find something within those parameters that works well for you. We are working with you to help you do your best. Being in a comfortable environment will only help you do better work and live a more fulfilling life.


The Godhead

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sin versus Love

For those of you who still believe in sin and look at others and yourself as sinful, know that we of the other realms and dimensions do not view you as such. You were each created out of a force of love. You are cherished and admired by many who would gladly experience your world in physical form. The joining in sex of two consensual beings is a gift. It allows you to explore passion and uniting with another being. We care not if it is male/female, male/male or female/female. We do emphasize consensual and not imposing yourself on another being. This joining should not be based on fear or domination. It needs to be a dance of love and caring for each other.

Your thoughts are not sinful. Thoughts are a place for you to try something out in your mind without judgment. When you do acts meant to harm another this is not a sin but a choice that is not in the best interest of all concerned. There are better choices to be with others. Anger, resentment and other thoughts you view as negative are still experiential feelings. These feelings stem from fear based ways. You feel disconnected or a sense of separation and desperation or you would not harm another being.

Our goal for you is to learn through love, kindness and compassion. Each of you has your own goals and must learn in your own ways. You have many chances to learn and evolve. We hope that you reach our goal sooner rather than later but we also have great patience for your evolutionary system. If you stop looking at everything as sinful, you will be on the road to learn in joy, delight, respect, honor and compassion for yourselves and others. Keep remembering that love is the base for all things.



Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unique System!

Each of you is your own unique system. You will fuel your system differently from others. You will hold likes, dislikes and your own unique perspective of viewing life and the world. Part of your journey, in the physical, stems from all of the beliefs you accrue and your understanding of your physical system and world. There are phases where you shift and what once worked no longer works. Many of you are experiencing this now. As you learn to adapt to your new forms or shifts and changes you learn from this physical phase also. Adaptation and willingness to release what no longer works in favor of what is for you and what does work now is how humans and other species will learn to survive. For those who are caught in your loop of belief systems and not able to adapt, change or grow, you will eventually no longer be able to sustain life in your current form. Trying to control your environment around you and the people in your lives will never work. It may be something you try but we hope that you realize that each of you must learn in your own ways.

We ask you to learn to look at the world through other perspectives. Attune to others. Learn to feel what they feel. Learn to view things or experience how they are to be. This may be something other than who or what you are now. Be willing to understand other view points. Use your abilities with empathy to attune to other situations. Do this without fear and do this with respect, love and compassion without judging the others. This ability to tune into others is not meant to be invasive or to harm another. It is for you to learn compassion for all life and all ways. This is about you gleaming understanding of others and what they experience. You might find something in some other life form that adapts well to your own life and helps you grow and learn. We always ask you to release what doesn’t work for you. You must learn what does work for you and create space for what does work for you.


The Universal Council of Light

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Find Your Own Truth!

When people teach and write books, they are teaching or writing about what they know, believe and what works for them. This may be different when people are intuitive and psychic but most humans don’t tune into that energy when they share information. Some do extensive research before promoting beliefs. Some just utilize what they have learned from their own experiences.

We wish for you each to find your own truth. This is the energy and answers that come within you. Some energies are able to look within you and see your truth and that is how we endeavor to help you. No matter what is presented to you, you must source what is within you. Always do this. Check in and see what comes through you and resonates with you. It is time for the individuals to be empowered and connected to their true energy and source energy. That is where you will find your answers and live your best lives.

We council you against using manipulation to get what you want or think you deserve but we know many have used this model throughout the centuries. When you are truly aligned you will come from true power and will no longer need to subjugate another or control or manipulate another. You will manifest beautifully in ways that are good for all concerned and the land. However, not everyone is on that path so they may need to go through a process that fits their beliefs. There is more than enough space for all to experiment with the creation process. The point is for you to each find the ways that you must learn and experience. If the ways of others don’t work for you, find a group or people whose path does work for you. Create your own path. You are never stuck or limited, unless you choose to do that or live that way. You have always had a multitude of choices to make.

If you get stuck, we are happy to help you, If you need to work through something on your own, we are happy for you to do so. We support your individual journeys.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Labels for Energies We Work With!

I was working with my energies and they told me that I no longer have guides. They gave me another term for the energies who work with me and gave me the subtle differences between them and guides. I was noticing that a similar phenomenon was happening to some others whom I worked with. That doesn’t mean this applies to everyone but it might help you to tune into your group and ask them how they would define themselves. Ask them how that will apply to your work and development. Some of you may still have guides. Some of you may have beings identified as teams, councils, advisors, mentors or something else.

Pay attention to how your groups define themselves. It will help you in your work with them. Some of them may have names and some of them may work as collectives. We are branching out beyond what we were taught in the metaphysical world. Each must tune into who and what works with you and how they wish to be identified. Developing better ways to respect your energies will only enhance your work with them. If they identify themselves as guides, that doesn’t mean anything is wrong. We are all working on different systems with our teams. I just want to open the possibilities that you may be on a different system than the norm we have been taught in the past.



Monday, October 24, 2011

Reawaken Yourself!

Who are you? What are your gifts and talents? When you were born, you organically knew this. You were driven to be who and what you were. You have talents now but you often discount them because they don’t fit into the you that you believe society needs you to conform to. Your soul has other ideas. Take some time and tune into your soul. Ask what wants to come through you and be you. What is it that you possess that no one else possess on your planet. One of the beautiful pieces of being physical is that you get to be individuals. Your body is your instrument to roam through your world. Your body and spirit combine to make you unique. There is no need for you to fit in and conform. You have done this in the past to protect you from past lifetime events. Hold our own power.

Whatever is unique about you, is what you are meant to cultivate. Bring that out into your world. By being who and what you are, you will fulfill your destiny. You will be the answer to some question about existence and you will navigate the world with your unique view. Your answers lie in being who and what you are. If you don’t like some aspect of your life, look at that aspect and see if you adopted it to please another or to fit into your surroundings. It is time to strip away the false you and find the real you. Your life will flow much better, once you do.



Sunday, October 23, 2011

Light in Dark, Dark in Light

Light in dark and dark in light. It is the symbol you view as the yin/yang symbol. Humans associate light as being good and dark as being evil. The dark is avoided while the light is sought. This does not follow in true logic. You live in the world of duality. You appreciate light more when you have dark. There is nothing to fear in either energy.

True, that many things may hide in the dark but that is not always a bad thing. All is revealed when and how it needs to be revealed but there may be times that something needs to be dormant and protected in the dark. There are times when people need to hide aspects of themselves. It allows them to work on pieces without having to justify everything to others. Sometimes things must just be and the dark protects them or hides them for their safety.

The light shines into the dark and reveals what needs to be revealed. It is not intended to force something into the light before it is ready to be shown. Light simply shines out into wherever it exists. It holds the potential to see but if something is too bright, you do not see what is within the light either. This is not a bad thing. It shows you that energy and knowledge can hide in either light or dark. Something can be right in front of you and you don’t understand it or perceive it.

Don’t fear anything that shows up in your life. Explore whatever presents itself to you. Know that there is much in all energy and there are miracles and wonders in all that is. Take steps to be with energy. Don’t feel a need to change something because it causes you to go out of your comfort zone. Understand the energy as it is. Whenever you look at something and spend time with it, you and the energy will be altered. There is much in this and other worlds that you don’t understand but it all holds value. Protect its right to exist. Don’t force change so that you feel comfortable. Find what works for you and create your life on that but let others create lives that reflect what they need and what is right for them. Just because you see something in the dark or light doesn’t mean it needs to conform to your will. It serves a purpose or it would not exist. Don’t assume you know what something is there for. Before you judge something, spend time with it. You may be surprised by what you learn.

The Light

Saturday, October 22, 2011


There are times that we will ask you to make a change or do something differently from your normal patterns. As you go through changes and transformations, you will find your patterns change and what you need to do will shift and change.

If there is a change that you want to make about something related to yourself, tune in and see what the energy is like for whatever you want to take on. Then attune to that energy. It will help you change because new patterns require different behaviors and a different process. How you do things may alter to help you bring in the changes taking place. If you want something different, you must be willing to do things differently.

The Light

Friday, October 21, 2011

Realigning Energy

In this new phase, we may ask you to do a bit of realigning energy. You might find that furniture moves and items come and go. This is because the energy around you must support what is going on with you. As you change so does your environment and space. This is just the part of energy alignment.

Your teams will do much of the work shifting the energy. You will need to do the work on the physical level. Items will come and go. The space will be reconfigured on many levels. Allow this to take place. Work with us and it will help speed up the shifting taking place.


The Yahwehs

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Work/New Phases

You are in the throws of new work and new phases. You are in a phase that is not known and has no history to help you with. So, we wish to help you move past the old ways. Keep being open to what is coming through and you will do beautifully. We trust that you are ready for the new challenges. You have all been doing work on various levels to get you to this next piece.

Some energies coming through may be from realms you have learned about and some may not be. The veils are changing and energies are coming through from realms and dimensions that have thus far been unknown to mankind. As they come through to work with you, you may even be the first to work with these beings. This is not to appeal to your ego but to help you understand what is coming through. Whatever energy comes through to you will be perfect for what you are meant to do, being prepared to do or for some other purpose. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone to create this work. You will be happy that you did.


The Yahwehs

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Energy, Frequency and Vibration

As your energy shifts and changes so will your frequency and vibration. This may feel to you that something is off but you need to stay with the energy shift. You might feel like your molecules are speeding up or you might feel dizzy when this is taking place. Check in with your teams to make sure that your vibration is shifting. It might help if you eat some protein to help ground you or you might require more rest. Stay with the shifting and relax. It is helping you evolve and is not a medical problem. If you are feeling that you need a doctor and you have checked in with your teams to make sure that your vibration is not being adjusted and they say no you are not being adjusted, then you should be checked out. When this is happening because of your energy adjustment, no medical condition will be found. This adjustment will take anywhere from a week or two. The timing depends on how quickly you assimilate the new frequency. Stay open with the process. Ask for any help you might require. Be gentle with yourself in this energy transference period.

After this energy shift takes place, you will notice changes in eating and diet. Your body may require some rest to assimilate or you might just be ready to go to the next phase. Your senses will shift and change during this period. There will be variations with all of you in your own processes.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We have mentioned before that as your energy evolves and your energy changes so will some of your teams. This is what will help support your work and shifts. So, although it is nice that you form attachments with your guides, give the new teams a chance. You will form attachments with them also. Know that we are not beings of ego so we come and go as we are needed and will change and evolve based on your needs. We know that when our assignments are over with you, that some other energy will come in and work with you. It is all how it needs to be.


The Godhead

Monday, October 17, 2011

Source True Desires!

We ask that each of you learn to really source your true desires and wishes for your lives. Realize that many of you have agreed to specific purposes and you will have to adhere to how your teams guide you. We are hoping to give you the skills to create consciously and from a place of honor and integrity before you each go in your own directions.

We will continue to give ideas to those who seek our help. As you understand the commonality in our suggestions, you will be able to put together systems that work for you. You will be able to move forward and know you have all the support and love that you require to succeed. We always wish the best for you and we continue to support wherever your journey’s take you.

Different groups may show up at different phases. Whoever is with you, will be perfect for your needs. Trust help to always be there for it always will. You have all that you require to navigate your personal lives and your professional lives. Just always remember to ask for help and it will be provided as needed. There are some steps we cannot do for you but we will always be with you.


The Noahs

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Authenticity and Power!

In keeping with the desire to help you create an intention of coming into your power and being authentic, we will offer his prayer for you.

Dear Creator,

Help me to be authentic and aligned with my true energy. Help me to create a life that is authentic to me. Help me to create from this authentic place. May I always be in alignment and grounded. May I be a force of good and truth. May I live in my highest ideals and create from that place.

Thank you for all the help I receive in this endeavor.


You get the idea. Look at whatever you wish to create and create your own prayers. Speak from your heart. Speak to whomever you view as the Divine force of creation. Your prayers are heard. They are not affiliated with any religious belief but from the Divine that holds love for all of you. We are here to help those who would ask for our help. Notice all of these prayers are based on your desires for yourself and not your desires for what others should do or how others should be. Each must make choices for themselves. It is the way it must be.


The Godhead

Saturday, October 15, 2011


For those who need help reconnecting with what you find enjoyment in, we offer this for you.

Dearest God,

Please help me to remember what gives me passion and joy. Help me to re-create my life around passion and joy and help me to appreciate every minute of every day and night. Let me create my life around my gifts and talents and to find pure joy in sharing those talents with the world.

Thank you! Amen!

You may change the word God for anything that relates to the energy of the great creator for you. Find ways to adjust what we give you to work for you. We do not ascribe to religion but to helping you with energy that helps you find yourself and come into a more joyful and powerful life.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Pleasure! What does that mean to you? How can you create more pleasure in your day? How can you find more ways to enjoy your day and all experiences in your day? Start really looking at each moment as a pure gift that you have been granted. Find ways to enjoy each moment. Find ways to find pleasure in those you associate with and those you meet. There are many beings in your world. If you don’t like someone, you can find someone else whom you do enjoy. If you don’t like one type of work, you can find another. There has to be something that gives you pleasure and that you enjoy. Create lives where you at least enjoy and find pleasure in the bulk of what you do and who you are. You can find pleasures in all aspects of life. That is something you should all aspire to. Remember we want you to rebuild on a foundation of love and joy.



Thursday, October 13, 2011

Images of Transformation

What are images of transformation that you are drawn to? What does transformation mean to you? There are many stages to your growth and transformation. Open up to what you require to help you with this process. Look for what will support your own growth. There is a bridge from the old to the new. The image that leads you to the change is what you will soon surround yourselves with.

Attune to your core sense of power. Let that radiate within and around you. You will find it is unique and different for each of you. Pay attention and follow your inner voice’s guidance.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Are you receiving messages about taking a class or researching an area of energy? Are you being drawn to certain images or symbols? If so, you are being guided to learn about something that will help you in your future work. You might be drawn to certain energy because it will help you transform. There is much in the worlds right now. We ask that you be willing to step into your futures and learn or relearn what you need to help support your changes.

You may find that what you need to learn is not in your realm yet. If that is the case, you will be downloaded with the information your require. It is how it needs to be. So, pay attention and follow the directions coming through to you directly.

You might be given information to help you garner new interests. If that is the case, you will find the information or new interests invaluable.

The Light

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Form and Changes

Shapes and forms are only illusions. They are designs to help you with a specific part of your missions or experiences. They are not fixed and are able to mutate and align. When you are going through a process of re-creation, you may also re-create your form. The shifts come from loosing your attachments that relate to what you perceive as your self image. How you identify with your physical form holds a lot of power. You have abilities to alter what you have come to perceive as your self image. The power to change is within each of you. Look at what goes into creating you as you are. Then, look at what would need to happen to help re-create your form to what you desire. It is not difficult. Change just requires you to reprogram yourself to what you desire, instead of what you perceive you have or don’t have.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mastery of Illusion!

Mastery of illusion. You have lived in a realm that is based on illusion and you have come to just take things for what you perceive them to be. There is much variation in your world. How would you perceive it? Look beyond what you perceive as reality. Attune to what is before you and then go into what it really is.

You know that when you listen to people or take on what they tell you that words and actions don’t match. It often confuses many of you. However, it is part of illusion. It gives you the sense of a smoke screen. Go beyond the smoke screen and you will see a world that is completely different from what you have taken as truth and fact.

Manifesting and creating comes through to those of you who know how to align with energy and thus create that energy. Learning to vibrate at the frequency and resonance of what you desire will garner you great results.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Brothers and Sisters,

Now is a time to unite in a bond of fellowship for mankind is ready to move forward. We ask you to bond with those of the light who have missions to pursue on your earth plane. Support each other on your different missions and paths. We do not ask you to bond together as a way of keeping each other in place. We ask you to be an understanding ear for those who go out into the world as they are guided to do. Your time of isolation is either at an end or soon to end. You will recognize fellow light beings in the world.

Just offer them a kind word or a place to share their experiences. You each must pursue your own paths, at this time. So, you will not be locked into any one, two or three groups. You will be moving forward into your own destinies. When a fellow being of light shows up around you, give encouragement to each and all who show up.

There will be a time when the earth has many light beings out working. This is not that time. You are still in the minority. So, when you connect with someone on a similar path or destiny, make time to enjoy the time you have together. You will find that time together quite valuable.

The Light

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Peace Be With You!

Peace be with you my brothers and sisters. Find the light within in you. Find the sense of peace within you. Find your center. You are blessed with much and we grant you peace.

Hold your center while all else undergoes whatever needs to take place. Hold your sense of peace, while all else undergoes whatever needs to take place. You have done your work. You are now ready to commence to the next level. Find your place of higher understanding. You are ready to start all the work you have committed yourselves to over the past few years. Start with each step and allow that to take place. You are truly ready for what needs to happen. You have been training to be leaders. Before you laugh at that, you do not need to have followers to be leaders. We know many of you have been isolated. You have been taught to take the plunge into the next phase. While you were doing your work others were existing on another level. So, realize when you are called to lead or take charge, you are up for the challenge. We have faith in you.

The Teachers of the Light

Friday, October 7, 2011


God, grant me the presence of mind to be of service in a big way! Help me to know when to step in and when to step away! Help me to navigate whatever is before me with grace, dignity and compassion. Please watch over me and take care of all of my earthly needs and requirements. Let me be of honor, respect and compassion in all that I do.

If I utilize resources, let me be appreciative of all that I have. If I use the service of another, let me be honoring, respectful and appreciative of those services and grant me the resources to more than pay for the services rendered in a timely manner. Let me be abundant in all ways.

Please, help me to travel in this and all realms and dimensions with respect and honor and compassion. Let me leave each place better off than when I first entered any place or situation. Help me to truly be of service where I am and wherever I end up.

(Know that it is time for you to bring a clear focus and intention to your day and each moment. We give you this prayer so that you may learn the value of respect, honor and compassion to whatever you are involved in and with. If the name God is something that doesn‘t work for you in a prayer, change the name to reflect what you align with.)

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Wallow no more. You are not victims of some cosmic scheme. Feel no pity for yourselves. You are great adventurers willing to go into the unknown. This is where you are. You are traveling to a place in history that no one has gone before. The story is not written or truly prophesized. You are in a place where the outcomes are not assured but your safety is. You are part of the great experiment and in any experiment, you may hypothesize results but you will not know until you have finished the experiments.

Mankind was given free will. It was to explore what happens when a species us granted such a gift. How will it be utilized. How does it affect those who wish to create a world of duality and those who wish to create a foundation of fear versus a foundation of love. What happens when you throw in hope and desires into the equation. We are looking at many variables. If you saw what we see, it would make your head spin. Yet, we are in awe of how you all handle your day to day lives. You are part of the whole, yet you have a separateness. Can you see how amazing this whole piece is? We can and we marvel at it all. You have accepted many challenges, now see them through. You are clearly up to the tasks ahead of you.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Know Us!

Know us well! We have issued this request before. We know many energies have changed but you must open to your teams and ask to know them better. We speak of teams because you are part of the team that works with you. Your participation is on the physical earth level and your way of getting to know your team members is different from how they get to know you.

Keep opening to your bond with your team and keep opening so that they may know you better also. The better you know each other the better you can work together.

The Creator

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weather Pattern Changes

The seasons are changing now. All across your globe, weather patterns are being altered. People are commenting about things being unseasonable. People feel shaken by things that they grew to expect that are no more. When areas are unseasonably hot, you are experiencing a cleansing of that area. The heat gives you a purification. When areas experience cold that is out of ordinary, then the earth is slowing down the process to make adjustments in the changes taking place. Areas that are not having rain, are also part of a purification. Areas that are having a lot of rain, are experiencing a cleansing but in a different way. Some areas will become more fertile while other areas may loose their fertility. Your planet is changing.

There is still enough bounty to take care of all but you must all work together to take care of each other. Governments who would allow their people to starve because of their greed will be in for downfalls. You must all work together to take care of each other now and always. You must be willing to ask for help, whenever you need it. It will be granted to those willing to ask and pay attention to the answers. Respect the earth and give thanks for your resources. Appreciate all that you have. It will serve you all well.

The Creators of Mankind

Monday, October 3, 2011

New Learning Curve

There is a new learning curve taking place for many of you. It is outside of the scope of earth teachers and those who have used history to explain phenomenon taking place. You are in the midst of new alignments taking place. The forces of nature are adjusting, changing and growing. The light beings who have graciously given consent to work with you and among you are also evolving, growing and changing. You are not the only ones being affected by these shifts and changes.

The newness of all that is taking place affects many worlds, realms and dimensions. There is a huge learning curve taking place for all of you. Be willing to grow and evolve with it. Much is changing for all concerned. We have never known anything like what is taking place. We are working through this together and we rely on your as humans as much as you rely on us.

The Teams

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Teams and Changes

We are around you each right now. It may seem or feel differently to you but there are teams in place around all of you. As your work changes or evolves, there are times were energies come in and may step back to get an idea of what your current and future needs are. When you need help or request help it is given. You will build up the same connection with the new team that you enjoyed with the group you had before the change over.

Some of you may hold onto the same or similar group, based on what your work is and how it has evolved. Trust the process. Continue to invite your team in to work with you. Be open to new energies. Allow for the flow of beings to come and go as is needed by you and where your life is evolving to. It is all the process of growing and evolving.

We understand that many have been taught that you have one or two beings with you for your whole lifetime but that is no longer the case. As part of your evolutionary evolvement, you will have different requirements in the beings you work with and how they work with you. You are entering an evolutionary path like none have had before you.

The Light

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Path

A new path awaits many of you. Are you brave enough to say yes without knowing the specifics? We have worked at building trust with you. We know some things feel ominous. That is only because you have not seen what is not yet formed. We are aligning the beings who are open to moving forward with their teams into the unknown. We know that some of you hold a process where you resist at first but then open up. We are working with many of you through this system right now.

We ask that you trust us so that we may help lead you forward. Know that even blindfolded, you are still surrounded in support and being watched over. We will lead you into the work that is required of you. We are assuring your success and we are busy creating for and with you right now. So, stay with us and just remain open. This applies to those of you who are busy with full schedules and those who are waiting in a sense of limbo. Your lives can change in a blink of an eye. We will assist you all along the way. The future is amazing and the possibilities are infinite. We will help find the perfect assignments for all of you. Now is the time for you to embrace change and keep open to whatever you guidance requires of you.