Monday, October 10, 2011

Mastery of Illusion!

Mastery of illusion. You have lived in a realm that is based on illusion and you have come to just take things for what you perceive them to be. There is much variation in your world. How would you perceive it? Look beyond what you perceive as reality. Attune to what is before you and then go into what it really is.

You know that when you listen to people or take on what they tell you that words and actions don’t match. It often confuses many of you. However, it is part of illusion. It gives you the sense of a smoke screen. Go beyond the smoke screen and you will see a world that is completely different from what you have taken as truth and fact.

Manifesting and creating comes through to those of you who know how to align with energy and thus create that energy. Learning to vibrate at the frequency and resonance of what you desire will garner you great results.