Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unique System!

Each of you is your own unique system. You will fuel your system differently from others. You will hold likes, dislikes and your own unique perspective of viewing life and the world. Part of your journey, in the physical, stems from all of the beliefs you accrue and your understanding of your physical system and world. There are phases where you shift and what once worked no longer works. Many of you are experiencing this now. As you learn to adapt to your new forms or shifts and changes you learn from this physical phase also. Adaptation and willingness to release what no longer works in favor of what is for you and what does work now is how humans and other species will learn to survive. For those who are caught in your loop of belief systems and not able to adapt, change or grow, you will eventually no longer be able to sustain life in your current form. Trying to control your environment around you and the people in your lives will never work. It may be something you try but we hope that you realize that each of you must learn in your own ways.

We ask you to learn to look at the world through other perspectives. Attune to others. Learn to feel what they feel. Learn to view things or experience how they are to be. This may be something other than who or what you are now. Be willing to understand other view points. Use your abilities with empathy to attune to other situations. Do this without fear and do this with respect, love and compassion without judging the others. This ability to tune into others is not meant to be invasive or to harm another. It is for you to learn compassion for all life and all ways. This is about you gleaming understanding of others and what they experience. You might find something in some other life form that adapts well to your own life and helps you grow and learn. We always ask you to release what doesn’t work for you. You must learn what does work for you and create space for what does work for you.


The Universal Council of Light