Sunday, October 23, 2011

Light in Dark, Dark in Light

Light in dark and dark in light. It is the symbol you view as the yin/yang symbol. Humans associate light as being good and dark as being evil. The dark is avoided while the light is sought. This does not follow in true logic. You live in the world of duality. You appreciate light more when you have dark. There is nothing to fear in either energy.

True, that many things may hide in the dark but that is not always a bad thing. All is revealed when and how it needs to be revealed but there may be times that something needs to be dormant and protected in the dark. There are times when people need to hide aspects of themselves. It allows them to work on pieces without having to justify everything to others. Sometimes things must just be and the dark protects them or hides them for their safety.

The light shines into the dark and reveals what needs to be revealed. It is not intended to force something into the light before it is ready to be shown. Light simply shines out into wherever it exists. It holds the potential to see but if something is too bright, you do not see what is within the light either. This is not a bad thing. It shows you that energy and knowledge can hide in either light or dark. Something can be right in front of you and you don’t understand it or perceive it.

Don’t fear anything that shows up in your life. Explore whatever presents itself to you. Know that there is much in all energy and there are miracles and wonders in all that is. Take steps to be with energy. Don’t feel a need to change something because it causes you to go out of your comfort zone. Understand the energy as it is. Whenever you look at something and spend time with it, you and the energy will be altered. There is much in this and other worlds that you don’t understand but it all holds value. Protect its right to exist. Don’t force change so that you feel comfortable. Find what works for you and create your life on that but let others create lives that reflect what they need and what is right for them. Just because you see something in the dark or light doesn’t mean it needs to conform to your will. It serves a purpose or it would not exist. Don’t assume you know what something is there for. Before you judge something, spend time with it. You may be surprised by what you learn.

The Light