Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Energy, Frequency and Vibration

As your energy shifts and changes so will your frequency and vibration. This may feel to you that something is off but you need to stay with the energy shift. You might feel like your molecules are speeding up or you might feel dizzy when this is taking place. Check in with your teams to make sure that your vibration is shifting. It might help if you eat some protein to help ground you or you might require more rest. Stay with the shifting and relax. It is helping you evolve and is not a medical problem. If you are feeling that you need a doctor and you have checked in with your teams to make sure that your vibration is not being adjusted and they say no you are not being adjusted, then you should be checked out. When this is happening because of your energy adjustment, no medical condition will be found. This adjustment will take anywhere from a week or two. The timing depends on how quickly you assimilate the new frequency. Stay open with the process. Ask for any help you might require. Be gentle with yourself in this energy transference period.

After this energy shift takes place, you will notice changes in eating and diet. Your body may require some rest to assimilate or you might just be ready to go to the next phase. Your senses will shift and change during this period. There will be variations with all of you in your own processes.