Friday, October 28, 2011

Sin versus Love

For those of you who still believe in sin and look at others and yourself as sinful, know that we of the other realms and dimensions do not view you as such. You were each created out of a force of love. You are cherished and admired by many who would gladly experience your world in physical form. The joining in sex of two consensual beings is a gift. It allows you to explore passion and uniting with another being. We care not if it is male/female, male/male or female/female. We do emphasize consensual and not imposing yourself on another being. This joining should not be based on fear or domination. It needs to be a dance of love and caring for each other.

Your thoughts are not sinful. Thoughts are a place for you to try something out in your mind without judgment. When you do acts meant to harm another this is not a sin but a choice that is not in the best interest of all concerned. There are better choices to be with others. Anger, resentment and other thoughts you view as negative are still experiential feelings. These feelings stem from fear based ways. You feel disconnected or a sense of separation and desperation or you would not harm another being.

Our goal for you is to learn through love, kindness and compassion. Each of you has your own goals and must learn in your own ways. You have many chances to learn and evolve. We hope that you reach our goal sooner rather than later but we also have great patience for your evolutionary system. If you stop looking at everything as sinful, you will be on the road to learn in joy, delight, respect, honor and compassion for yourselves and others. Keep remembering that love is the base for all things.