Saturday, June 22, 2013

Many of you look for leaders and people to tell you what to do and how to do this. This is because you have been taught to not trust what is within you. Many of you have been taught by others who wanted to control you. If you notice babies will be very clear on aspects of their lives and journeys but humans often teach them to discount what they know. Your natures will only be suppressed for so long before they must be what they truly are.

The truth for each of you resides in each of you. You won’t be taking others along with you on your courses of action and existences. Those who belong with you, will be there to accompany you. You are not meant for what you think you know. You are meant for something else entirely that will be revealed to each of you accordingly. There are as many pathways as there are beings. So, you don’t need to make anyone understand your way or path. It is yours to pursue and manifest. Others must be allowed to follow where their soul leads them. Know this is all based on love and not meant as a means to harm anyone or anything. There is no need for pain or fear. Those are all human creations. Know you are destined for something that we see as very exciting.



Friday, June 21, 2013

What we are preparing you each for is to receive your own inner messages. We will no longer be the source for much of what you each need to know. Most of you are already receiving your direct guidance and you seek confirmation. Some of you will need periods of stillness to arrive at your destiny. Some of you will find other processes taking place. There is no right or wrong on this part of your journey, as long as you are listening to what is within you. This is different from listening to your mind tell you something completely different from what you heart and soul is trying to reveal to thee. If you are honest, you will feel the difference between your soul guidance and your inner programmed voice of your parents,, relatives, friends or conditioning.

To find your inner voice, you must learn to find a quiet place and really listen to what is within you. Pick a time when you are not scared. Be open and really hear what is within your nature. Once you do this, you will learn to discern conditioning from truth. You must each learn to pay attention to what is within you so that you may survive and thrive. The goal is to thrive and not survive but many of you need to start in survival mode. As you learn to follow what is in your guidance system, you will find it becomes easier to pay attention to your own authentic journey and programming. We wish only the best for all of you.



Thursday, June 20, 2013

The questions we received from yesterday was how do we do what is requested of us? How do awaken the programming? The programming is within each of you. The connection to the all that is, resides within you. It is not in your DNA because it is beyond your human forms. Many of you know that you are here for something more than what you have been taught. Many of you believe there is much more than the lives you have formed and created. Trust what is within you. You are meant for much more. You have only to awaken. Think of your current forms as your cocoons. You are the chrysalis ready to form your true selves and to awaken your inner beauties. The programming activates, at the appropriate time. It is not something you need stress over. The coding is within your soul and your very natures.



Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pieces begin to fall into place. To understand the pieces, you must understand who and what you are and where your source comes from. You must be willing to rethink what you have been taught. We have constructed lives for many of you, so that you may advance and partake in your current realm. Now, we prepare you for your true reasons for being here right now. As this information comes forth, your past lives will not longer work or be relevant. You are being prepared to shed the old and embrace the new. You soon will move on to a whole new level of existence. Be willing to let go of what you think you know in favor of what is to be. Allow your authentic natures to come forth.


The Knowledge Keepers

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Find what gives you solace. We are not trying to dictate to you or condition you to be something other than what you are and doing what works for you. What we are attempting to teach you is to think outside of the box. Know there is much more than what your human life has taught you and your experiences, up to now, have taught you. You must each create the life that works for you. Many advances start by being aware that there is something more out there than what you have supposed.

The worlds are about to open up and intermingle in new and different ways from anything in your recorded histories. So, you must be aware and open to what is next for you.


The Universal Truth

Monday, June 17, 2013

Dear Ones,

We would like to suggest a process to you. You have figured out that you who are here for work that is beyond human work, are not of the human race. You have allowed your essence to be placed into a human form. So, the physical portion of you must exist in human form but what is within you is not human. So, what you must learn to do is connect with your true essence and learn to create from your soul. You will find your world is very different from your programming. Your way of creating and existing on the earth will also be different from those around you.

We know that many of you have been brought up with human religions. These religions are not of your true nature. We come from a place that is connected to the all that is so when you are connected with this, you have no need for rituals and doctrines from your specific teachings. Come from direct source and you will know what is required of you on a much deeper spiritual level. This is still a connection to the Divine but it has no need for human history in the connection. You are simply to connect with your source energy and guidance system. Yes, there is God, what you call angels and many other forms of beings but we hold no doctrine but love. Each being serves different purposes. Many who are among you have different soul lineages. As you become aware of your true soul lineage, you will be able to create accordingly. You will understand how you fit in the systems of the all that are.


The Light

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Today, is not a message that we usually cover. I know a lot of people who are currently doing caregiver duties with parents or other relatives. We all seem to be at a frustrated place with this task for various reasons. When you reach this stage in life, you end up with a lot of work, which requires a lot of patience and many of us are feeling a lack of support from various areas of our lives. I am fortunate to have caregivers with my Dad who handle the day to day needs. My main issue is that he isn’t aware that he has any problems so he is fighting the need to have someone help him. He sees himself as young and independent, which is not what is taking place. A friend of mine is dealing with a parent with memory problems who is now at hospice level of care in a group home. The frustration with her is the caregivers who want to prolong her mother’s life instead of letting her leave on her mom’s terms.

Our parents will often hang on for various reasons. We can’t control that but we can ensure that they have the support that they need for whatever process they are going through. Usually, people at this stage will bond with specific caregivers or relatives who are able to help calm them down and help them work through whatever is taking place. The largest ingredient we can bring to the equation is patience. If our loved one is doing something that is driving us crazy, we have to realize that they are not doing it on purpose. If you wait it out, it will most likely shift. If they have bursts of anger, they are not because of us but because of a lack of awareness and control on the loved one’s part. So, it is important to not take anything personally. You do the best that you can to take care of their needs and help support whatever is taking place in the moment. This process also teaches you the need to be in the moment with them. You need to learn to let go of whatever stress you are feeling. Chances are the loved one is not aware of doing anything that is creating stress for you.

If you have trouble with this process, seek out support. There are many different support groups out there to help people deal with the end of life issues with loved ones. I am addressing aging parents here but it could be anyone who is dealing with illness and end of life issues with a loved one.



Saturday, June 15, 2013

Now is the time to stop and evaluate what you have and where you are headed. If you are committed to being and doing what you are here to be and do, then you must clear up obstacles that hold you back. Some obstacles serve you. Other’s are just manmade beliefs that you no longer need hold onto. If people need to be in your life and share this part of the journey with you, they will continue to do so. If not, new people will come in. Don’t bring people in because you are scared of being alone. Don’t occupy your time with things because you believe that you must be busy at all times. Learn to quiet your mind and space an be open to what is coming in that is new. All things happen in the perfect timing. Be comfortable with yourself. Nourish your own soul and physical forms. Allow this time to be sacred and special.



Friday, June 14, 2013

It is time to stop taking things at face value. See beyond appearances. Look beyond what is being shown to you. There are many smoke screens in your world. People mask who they are and you soon find out that there is a mask hiding the true being. Most of those trying to hide their true nature, will not be able to do so for much longer. They are not doing as good a job as they believe they are doing.

The way you navigate smoke screens is by trusting your intuition. Someone may tell you what you want to hear but that doesn’t mean it is true. Ask that the truth be shown and you will understand what needs to happen. If you feel something is off or out of whack, it is. So, don’t make excuses. If you feel sick when you are around someone, they are toxic for you. The Universe has no need for you to stay in situations that are toxic for you. That is not a loving thing to do for you or for the others involved. Soon, you will know how to stay away from toxic situations before you even start to get involved in them. But, you must be true to what you pick up and feel. That information is only applicable to you and not necessarily right for someone else. You are tuning in to find your own answers and not trying to control another person or being. Each of you must find what you are committed to creating as your life and way of being on the earth plane. If you perceive someone for being what they truly are, you can make better choices for yourself. The better information you have, the better choices you make.


Yahweh and the Founders of Light

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I was talking to a friend a few weeks back. We were discussing her artwork and how it was evolving. We were noticing how there were many things that we thought were part of the game plan that seem to be not related or connected to us any more. What came through is that many of us were given projects and things to occupy our time, while our real work was being prepared. As we connect more and more to our real work, the other projects will go away. There may be a period of stillness where the Universe doesn’t want us to fill the void with anything. We may be instructed to not answer the phone or go out of our homes, during this period. It is important to follow our guidance through this transition so that we don’t get in the way of our shifts and transformations. People will either understand or not understand what we are going through. It is important for us to each follow what is showing up for us. This will be different for each of us.

The other issue that came up was the fear that we need to pay our bills and we have to be able to function in the “real world.” What came through is that we are trying to operate on the old model. Once the new model opens up, we are going to have a very different future. If you are concerned, just place into the equation the need to be honoring of your obligations and those who provide services for you. You may still hear a clear no to something and forcing it won’t make your life easier. Trust what comes through. There is a major shift and change happening right here and now. Many of us feel it. The world is changing on many levels and in many ways.


Ken and Team

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What are you holding onto that you must release? It is easy to get complacent and hold onto objects that hold sentimental value or because someone gave it to you. It is time to clear away whatever is not really yours so that you have space for what is yours. Energy that needs to be released will make space for what is new, once you release whatever needs to go.

The way that you can determine what needs to stay and what needs to go is to tune into the object. Pay attention to how you feel with it. You might hear an answer or you might feel a specific way with it. Do you feel drawn to it, or do you feel pushed away from it? Does your energy contract or expand with it or being around it? Those are all ways to understand what needs to go or stay. Use your senses and be with things in a very clear and open way. You will find your own techniques that work for you in this process.



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Many of you get yourselves in to trouble because you desire to help everyone. You see someone or something in need and feel the need to just step in and help “fix” whatever is taking place. How is that working for you? If you feel drained from the situation, it isn’t working too well. We mentioned yesterday the importance of tuning in. This should be second nature to you. Beings of the light are not always so in tune with the concept that many people of ego are looking for people to use and blame when something doesn’t work in their lives. If you come in with an open heart to such people, you will not be helping, you will find people looking for ways to harm you for trying to help them.

There are many avenues in your earth plane for people of ego to find what they require. There are fewer avenues for people of the light to find what they are needing and requiring. When you tune in, you will find what you need and value much quicker. You will also know when to step away and how to sidestep many problems before they become problems.

Just because someone professes to be something, it doesn’t mean that they are what they say. You will soon learn the truth, as you engage with them. It is important now for you to extricate yourselves from energy draining people and situations so that you may do what you are actually here on the earth to do. It becomes easier over time. It may take a long time for the people you are extricating yourselves from to understand that you are stepping away. Most people only hear what they want to hear. That is why it is important to see people and situations for what they really are. It will save you much angst.



Monday, June 10, 2013

You can each save yourselves a lot of grief and issues by tuning in before you contact someone or say yes or no to doing something. If the answer comes back as no or stay away, then listen to what comes through. Most of you get into trouble by hearing a clear answer and then doing something completely different. Many of you don’t understand that we are here to help you but can’t interfere in many instances, unless asked. So, you assume it is okay to do something and then you end up with people who don’t belong with you or around you or situations that are not right for you.

We have said this before, that not everyone belongs with you. You also have the right to change your mind on something that you engage in that isn’t right for you. You are not doomed to having to continue with something that is not right for you. If you engage with someone who feels really off in your life, you are not supposed to suffer through and allow them to stay connected with you. Some people can’t take hints, even if you are really clear with them and you just need to step away.

It is important to learn to step away from those people and situations that are night right for you. It will free up your energy to do what is right for you. It is okay to have quiet time in transitions and to just be where you are. You don’t need to always find people and experiences to fill the void.



Sunday, June 9, 2013

How can people understand their lessons in life and work through them better?

What do you see reflected back to you? There may be loops that you keep finding showing up. There might be certain people who show up and you think you worked through something but someone in a different package is the same person showing up. Pay attention to the patterns that you keep observing. Where do you get frustrated? There is probably a huge lesson for you in that moment or experience. Are there types of people or situations that consistently make you angry? There are lessons for you in those moments. Of course, the lesson may be to just step away from someone. Do you attract drama/trauma situations and people? If so there are some lessons for you in that experience.

Pay attention to the type of life that you want versus what you have. What changes do you want to see take place? What patterns are you focused on and how do they affect what you have? You work through things by bringing up questions about what is showing up in your life and how to process the experiences and moments. This isn’t just an intellectual approach. This is also visceral. Engage all of your senses with experiences. Pay attention to what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. Something may work in one moment and not in another moment. Be willing to try something different. Much is open ended. Each experience is just a moment. Patterns hold the key to what you need to take a clear look at. Be willing to step back and make another choice. Move ahead as you need to. Pay attention to right where you are. Come up with your own questions and answers. See how things work out, once you define something. The reactions will help you navigate the all that is. What shows up will also help you understand better what you are putting out in the world and willing to accept and experience.



Saturday, June 8, 2013

When people are in the place of limbo or feeling stuck, what can they do?

Be present and in the here and now. Find something to enjoy, while you are waiting for movement. Enjoy the quiet time. Do something creative. Explore something that you have always wanted to try. Give yourself permission to have down time and to be reflective. Open to your piece in the moment or your lessons for right now.

Most people tend to get really frustrated during this time of limbo and stillness. How can we help them with this period? Look at what you have control over. If you can’t control it, how can it truly make you frustrated. Relax and release the need to control and fix what isn’t broken. Be in the present moment. For even, if this takes a year or more, it is just a blink of an eye for us and only a moment in time. How you handle frustration says a lot about your character and ability to survive. You must learn to let go of the need to control a situation that is beyond your control. Tune in and find out if there is anything you need to do in the moment. Most likely, you will just need to take each moment as it comes. Life is made up of a series of moments. How you handle them is how you create your life. Those who need to control everything tend to have a much more difficult time in life. Practice being in the moment. Release the need to control others and pay attention to what feels right for you. Stop telling others how to be. Allow them to be who and what they are. If you aren’t trying to control others, you won’t be frustrated by them. There are very few cases where you can’t step away from something that isn’t right for you. Many create a story that tells them that they need to stay in something and be miserable. But, in truth that is up to you. There are some soul agreements to help someone through a difficult period in their life but you don’t need to be abused in anything that exists. Your attitudes can be adjusted to help you see something differently. You don’t need to take on someone else’s experiences. Work on your own experiences instead.

Many Blessings!


Friday, June 7, 2013

What are some ways that people can understand how their work or life is evolving?

You know that you are drawn to different information. Your passions change and adjust. Life tends to bring opportunities into your field. People either follow through with the opportunities or they reject them. Many waffle on making changes and many will wait until it is too late to proceed with something. Much is going to change on a large scale and quickly. You must be able to tune in and know which directions to follow and which paths to take. There are many humans who will hold energy tightly and not allow it to move or grow. They have a need to control what is showing up and often they will stifle the energy until it no longer is what it was.

You have seen how people hold onto something and obsess over it, until the energy is gone and then they wonder what happened to what was supposed to take place. If you learn how to not obsess over something and flow with the energy, then you will be able to evolve much more easily in your work and other parts of your life. Nothing is meant to truly be stagnant but when many get obsessive and are in ego, they cannot see this.

If you truly want to evolve, enjoy what you have while you have. Enjoy the people who belong in your life, while they are in your life. Be willing to let things go and move to the next piece. There is very little that you can truly plan out. Pay attention to how you feel in the energy of what you are doing and experiencing. Release what doesn’t feel good or right and open to what does belong. Be in the present moment and truly show up. Don’t worry about what is next. Instead look at what needs to take shape right here and now. Find ways to enjoy whatever you are doing. If you aren’t enjoying it, step back. If you can bring love in to everything you are involved in, then you will truly evolve and get the most of each moment.



Thursday, June 6, 2013

I have been looking at a lot of future events so that I can plan things out. I notice the energy changing from moment to moment. The logical mind thinks, I must have been off in what I was seeing happening and the timing. However, what is coming through is to bring the focus to the present moment. The events will soon take place but it isn’t important to know exactly when because they are events that pertain to other people. By bringing attention towards the current moment, I am being prepared for what is next. We are taking the present pieces and moving forward on towards the next stage.

Timing may be changed because there are more important matters to attend to right now and we know that others will always have what they need. We often think that we are the ones who will have to do something but there are many others who are capable of attending to what may happen in the lives of another. If you focus on what it is that you need to do and where you need to be, you are in a much better focus and way of thinking. Focus on what you need to do in this day and this moment. Ask how to process something and where to place your focus, attention and intention. This is not a selfish concept. This is what will help you help many others in your future.


Ken and Yahweh

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We hear many humans speak of God’s word. These people are referring to quotes from the Bible or some other scriptures. They think that someone is more pious because they are able to quote passages. They think that the only laws of man should come from scriptures written many centuries ago. Mankind is evolving. If you must get stuck on passages or words of God, focus on love. That is one of God’s highest perceptions. Then, you may progress towards kindness, compassion and respect for all life. Mankind thinks that all creations are there for the benefit and use of man. All that was created is valued and important.

Vengeance, war, domination are creations of mankind that stem out of fear or the need to be more powerful than another being. These concepts are allowed because of God’s love and the creation of Free Will. Mankind was given many choices and opportunities to create out of God’s love. God then gave options and wanted to see what mankind would do with them. What brings you towards God and what takes you away from God? Love and higher vibrational living will take you towards God. War, anger, fear, domination will take you away from God. The choice is always yours. There were bountiful resources created so that all may prosper. Yet, many would deny basics to some while others hoard much of the resources. Greed doesn’t come from love. It comes from fear. So, pay attention to what you are creating and focusing on. You have the power to change whatever isn’t working in your life right now.



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

When people speak of their dreams, passions and desires but then do nothing towards their goals and aspirations, are they really their true dreams, passions and desires. If you espouse that something is really important to you but then find excuses why you can’t do whatever you are espousing, ask yourself why you can’t get motivated to do that dream, desire or passion. If you find that something always gets in the way of your progressing with what you say is your true love, you need to question what is getting in the way. Is this a true desire, dream or passion? Is the timing off? Is it time to move into another direction?

There are times where you feel inspired to do something but you procrastinate and then the urge is gone. There some things in life where the timing does matter. If you wait too long, someone else will create what we went to you to create. Other times, there may be something that needs to be done first. Every so often it is good to re-evaluate what you are doing and make sure it is still the right course of action for you. We don’t say this to make you feel that someone is punishing you for not taking action. We say this because we put out ideas to many people. Some will act on things right away. Other people will find excuses or discount the information. Some need to put a lot of energy into researching something and others just find ways to create. Have you ever seen something advertised and thought that it was your idea but you never did anything with it? This is because we do place the ideas in the heads of many. So, don’t come up with excuses to not do something. Look for ways to do what is within you and wants to be express creatively.



Monday, June 3, 2013

Answers come when you are ready for them and when they are ready to be revealed. Knowing this allows you each to relax and enjoy the moment. Put out what you wish to learn and understand but then let go. Refocus yourself to the moment and what needs to take place in the moment. Your futures will reveal themselves in due time. Your present is here to be enjoyed and your past is over. You have a chance to start fresh with each present moment. You know you are valued and loved. It doesn’t matter if that doesn’t seem to show up in your daily life. You have created filters that manifest what you have allowed to come through and block what you have filtered out of your perceptions. How many times do you wake up and see something that was there all along but you never noticed it before? You were focused in another direction. Just because you don’t see something or it isn’t in your awareness doesn’t mean it isn’t there. The all that is simply is. There is nothing really new in creation, it is just a matter of someone being ready for what is to reveal itself to you. The consciousness must be right.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

What are you concerned about? Is this a real concern or a desire to control outcomes? How will each event play out in your life and world? We see a world that is plagued by over-stimulation. To find your true answers and to be able to be with experiences, you must learn to step back and release your tensions and angst. You must find ways to reconnect with others. You must learn to release the violations that others place on you or that you allow to be placed on you. Find a time to be peaceful and quiet. Notice how this will affect your day and the way to proceed in your day. Much of the things of your world are designed to violate and place your attention on controlled desires. If this doesn’t work for you, you must make another choice. Each of you has the power to create the life that works best for you. You must help support your true purpose for being here at this time in your world history. Know that your soul has engineered this timing and many parts of your life.


The Godhead

Saturday, June 1, 2013

What do you feel in your life? How do you experience your day? What do you have control of and what is out of your control? Pay attention to your senses. Value whatever senses that you have. There is great wisdom in each part of your feelings and perceptions. Relearn how to access the wisdom from within. Start with being and then open to awareness. We are asking each of you to reconstruct from a place that is from within you. The answers are there. Now it is time to awaken the real you. Know that we wish only the best for each of you and that will vary greatly based on what each of you wishes for yourselves. Know there are new horizons about to be available to each of you. Your journey begins anew.