Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Many of you get yourselves in to trouble because you desire to help everyone. You see someone or something in need and feel the need to just step in and help “fix” whatever is taking place. How is that working for you? If you feel drained from the situation, it isn’t working too well. We mentioned yesterday the importance of tuning in. This should be second nature to you. Beings of the light are not always so in tune with the concept that many people of ego are looking for people to use and blame when something doesn’t work in their lives. If you come in with an open heart to such people, you will not be helping, you will find people looking for ways to harm you for trying to help them.

There are many avenues in your earth plane for people of ego to find what they require. There are fewer avenues for people of the light to find what they are needing and requiring. When you tune in, you will find what you need and value much quicker. You will also know when to step away and how to sidestep many problems before they become problems.

Just because someone professes to be something, it doesn’t mean that they are what they say. You will soon learn the truth, as you engage with them. It is important now for you to extricate yourselves from energy draining people and situations so that you may do what you are actually here on the earth to do. It becomes easier over time. It may take a long time for the people you are extricating yourselves from to understand that you are stepping away. Most people only hear what they want to hear. That is why it is important to see people and situations for what they really are. It will save you much angst.