Wednesday, September 18, 2013

If someone is really dedicated to peace, love and happiness, they don’t allow other things to throw them off course. Joining into a chaotic world isn’t something that really helps heal anything. So, really think about what you are willing to participate in. Most of you are too far along your path of growth to continue to play games that don’t feel right to you. It is better to spend time alone than be in energy that isn’t right for you. It is also better to be alone than be with people who no longer fit into your life and what you are here to do.

It is time to clear the obstacles for being able to move forward. Of course, each of you needs to follow what is right for you. I just ask that you make decisions consciously so that you know what is right for you.


Ken and the Light

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This message was something that I am writing, as a result of working with several people who seem to just be in constant chaos. It feels like they are always in crisis mode and surrounded with drama/trauma people. They are dragged into one scheme after another and always feel angry and unsettled.

If this is something that is affecting you or someone you know, the person affected needs to step back and see what the person is agreeing to participate in. If the person feels angry or unsettled, the person is most likely not in alignment. To participate in this type of life the person is being removed from their spirit and soul connection and placed into an ego life. If the person’s life is meant to be spirit based, this will basically kill the individual. I have seen the life span cut short by engaging in something not meant for people playing this game. To navigate this energy, the person needs to step back and breathe. It is important to take time to tune in and don’t agree to anything with the drama/trauma people without seeing what role, if any, the individual is meant to play with them (the drama/trauma people). It might be time to just step away from the whole situation. If the person does continue to play into the dramas, the person needs to do it consciously. The person isn’t really helping the drama/trauma person out because they would find another person to play the none drama/trauma person’s role. Each person needs to find what works best for them. If the person is exhausted being with these individuals, then the person is not on the right path and the drama/trauma people are continually just taking and using the other person’s energy. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people willing to play the drama/trauma game. Spiritual people don’t need to fill in for those who enjoy the drama/trauma.

It is important for the spiritually based person to remove the drama/trauma people’s chords and seal the chords off. The spiritually based person needs to clear themselves of energy not belonging to them. through a salt bath or some other method. The spiritually based person needs time to be in a place that gives them peace, grounding and clarity. Spiritually based people need to connect with their guides and assess their true path and how to go on that path. A spiritually based person will find that they are much more happy and are aligned with their true source. The drama/trauma energy just disconnects the spiritually based person. People seeking to do their true work don’t want that. It is much nicer for a spiritually based person to follow their true and real pathway.

Blessings and Light!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

I am presently working with my web designer to redo my website. The energy is shifting so we are working on clearing out the previous energy and aligning the energy to what is coming in. I was given blocks from using what we currently have set up.

So, this message section will be changed to a new program. That means that those who are automatically getting the updated messages will need to sign up again, if you still wish to receive the messages as they are posted. We are going to start over and create new messages to help those who follow the messages rebuild their energy foundations and lives. The energies coming through now are different and want to start to rebuild with us. I have been shown some of the energy and it feels really loving. I will let you know when I have a time frame for these changes. Right now, we are exploring options.

Blessings and Light!

Ken and Group

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We have heard of many who speak of the Messiah. They assume that it was the man whom you called Jesus because he brought through a message of love. We know that this is hard for many humans to believe but you are all the Messiah. You recognize this when you each learn to be with each other from a place of love and compassion. You no longer need to harm anyone or anything. You learn to coexist with all life and all of God’s creations. You seek to protect the earth and all life from destruction. You release past hurts and issues. The key lies in all of you working together. The survival of mankind and the earth only works when you all learn to work together and celebrate each being for who and what they are.

This doesn’t mean that you allow people to harm and kill each other. You may contain those who would do so. The physical shell is just that. Your spirit continues on beyond human life and existence. If you wish to create a form of Eden on the earth, you must all learn to nurture all life and work together. Each form of life serves some purpose. The earth serves a purpose. It is not to only provide for humans but for all life. Find a balance. All of your needs may be met without harming the earth or each other.


Uriel of God

Monday, September 9, 2013

Anything that you start, start with love. Anything that you desire, start with love. If something is coming from any other energy or intention, it will not be truly connected to anything Divine.

If you are feeling anger, fear, frustration, you are not aligned with the energy of love. We ask you to step back and recreate from a foundation of love. Speak to people from love. Touch life from love. You will notice that much in your world is healed through this simple process.

Many religions speak of love but few come from a place of love. If you build on a foundation of love, you will create miraculous things. Return your focus to love. It is just that simple.

The Brothers of the White Light

Thursday, September 5, 2013

What would you say about groups that would commit violence to prevent children from learning or teachers from teaching?

We would say that those who would prevent learning because of their own fears or need to control do a great disservice to humanity. They are focused on squelching potential. Those who do such behaviors are most likely on a path to destroy humanity through their own fears or ignorance. They follow a misguided path, even if they believe that they are on a holy mission. The more educated any society is, the better your futures will be. When you are around those who would limit learning, they are limiting potential answers to problems that will arise. They are focused on keeping society in a box and that box will no longer work or function in the human realm.

Part of the human experience is learning and gaining experiences from the world around you. Why would you want to limit this. The more you understand each other and celebrate each other, the better the human race will be. Violence comes from fear. You are looking for ways to bring in more love. Love holds no need for violence. Violence comes from free will choices made by mankind.

The ancient ways are ready to shift out of existence. Man was meant to learn and progress and not hold to ancient texts that served a function, when they were created. Each must follow the path right for them. When we say this, no one has the right to force their ways on another. You are asking us how we perceive things and we are sharing how we perceive the information you requested.



Wednesday, September 4, 2013

There are many earth societies where women are not treated fairly or equally. Men have often taken over and suppressed women’s rights and children’s rights. What do you say about this?

We think that you would already understand how we would feel about this. Humans perceive the physical form and have created arbitrary rules based on this. We don’t see male or female. We only see beings. We see beyond your physical shell. Rules based on male or female are not really your path. Each soul is programmed with potential for extraordinary things. We feel that each being should be allowed to express their full potentials. It has never mattered if someone was male or female, young or old. All life is precious and should be viewed and respected as such. This goes for all life that exists are your planet.

Humans have been made the stewards of your earth. You are meant to be doing things that benefit all life and not just humans. Big corporations act from a place of greed and will often do things harmful to the planet and try to tell you that what they are doing is perfectly safe, when you know it isn’t. Since humans are dominating the earth, we suggest that humans do a better job of protecting life and resources to help the earth so that life may continue on your planet. We are not concerned, if life ends on our planet but we see much potential that is not being respected or honored. This goes with whether women and children are considered second class citizens. This also is related to skin colors or any other delineations where humans would make any group or individual lesser. When you do this, you will find you are limiting the potentials of something that you might need in the future.