Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We have been having a huge debate about abortions in the US. What is your take on this?

Blessed Ones,

We see souls. Unions are created and the procreation process is put in place. You may choose to not follow through in your own biological process of procreation. The soul is not going to be harmed in the process of terminating a birth. The spirit of the perceived child is a spirit. It is not a child or adult. It holds no sex. It enters the body of a potential mother where the family will allow it to create its next human journey. If the mother decides to terminate the process, the spirit will find another mother to bring the spirit into the world.

Humans look at this process and are stuck in how they perceive something to be. It is something that each woman must decide for themselves. We would rather see a child born into a family that truly wants them and loves them than carry a child because society is judging that all pregnancies must result in a birth. This process of abortion is an individual’s decision. When you get stuck with a choice go back to love and spend time coming from what is the most loving choice to make. When people copulate from a more conscious place, you will find that fewer abortions are required in your world. All unions of sex should be on a foundation of love. We recognize that not all of you feel this way and we respect this. We don’t judge what you do. We are just giving you different ways of viewing human experiences.