Wednesday, September 4, 2013

There are many earth societies where women are not treated fairly or equally. Men have often taken over and suppressed women’s rights and children’s rights. What do you say about this?

We think that you would already understand how we would feel about this. Humans perceive the physical form and have created arbitrary rules based on this. We don’t see male or female. We only see beings. We see beyond your physical shell. Rules based on male or female are not really your path. Each soul is programmed with potential for extraordinary things. We feel that each being should be allowed to express their full potentials. It has never mattered if someone was male or female, young or old. All life is precious and should be viewed and respected as such. This goes for all life that exists are your planet.

Humans have been made the stewards of your earth. You are meant to be doing things that benefit all life and not just humans. Big corporations act from a place of greed and will often do things harmful to the planet and try to tell you that what they are doing is perfectly safe, when you know it isn’t. Since humans are dominating the earth, we suggest that humans do a better job of protecting life and resources to help the earth so that life may continue on your planet. We are not concerned, if life ends on our planet but we see much potential that is not being respected or honored. This goes with whether women and children are considered second class citizens. This also is related to skin colors or any other delineations where humans would make any group or individual lesser. When you do this, you will find you are limiting the potentials of something that you might need in the future.