Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Present Moment and Your Future!

Now is your future. Now is your commitment. As you make your choices today, you have great impact on your tomorrow. Each piece and task will feed into the next. Your history has brought you to this moment in time and this place. The paths of your human ancestors have greatly impacted who you are right now. Your past lives have also weighed into what you face right now.

Your evolution is taking place right now. This is your moment in time to help pave the way for the future generations. Think about what you would do right here and right now. Everything you do, think and act on has great impact. There is nothing that is truly insignificant. That is why so many cultures teach presence and showing up in your day.

If you don’t value your life as it is, you have the ability to change it to something that you do value. Your choices are up to you. Your consciousness is also up to you. What choices will you value and make today?


Also, pay attention to if your focus is survival or thriving. There is a huge difference. Shifting to thriving mode brings you much more than survival mode. But it is up to you to decide what you will focus on.



Monday, May 30, 2011

Ushering the New

Brothers and Sisters,

Take command of your own lives and beings. We are here around you to assist you now. The light beings that come to serve with you will take many shapes and forms. We are in the forms that are right for each of you. We garner praise for you.

Stop the ways of violence. Stop the ways of the old. Feed no more the energy of these past ways and ideas so that you may help usher in the new forms of light coming through to all of you. As you release your violence tendencies or beliefs, you will find true peace. As you stop feeding your minds with such energy, you will also stop feeding it into your soul.

The graphics you are constantly fed of violence does nothing to help advance you or your ways. You are taught that it is entertainment. How are you truly entertained by such images and focus? Even when it is pretend, how does it impact your lives and the lives of those around you? It is now time for you to commit to what you will be and take on. If you wish to be love and peace, you must really commit to love and peace in all areas of your ways. Violence is not an escape. Watching violence only expands violence. The more you watch it, the more shows or movies come out with violence. It just continues to expand. Now is your time to really commit to the life and world you wish to support.


The Godhead

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Sacred

Blessings dear ones! You are on an adventure. You are courageous beyond what you are aware and know. We see the light shine and beam from you. It is a great light. We know where you are at all times and we watch over you. You are never alone, even when you feel like you are cast out beyond all hope and recognition. Yet, we are around you. We feel your pain and joy. We seek to hallow the ground that you walk on.

All is sacred if you will only look for the sacred within and around it. All is from love, if you will only look at the love within all that exists.

The dictators of your world will soon be lost in their own creations. They hold no power and we ask that you stop giving them so much of your energy. Remember to only feed the energy you wish to see expand. If you no longer wish to feed the ego energy, stop giving it your attention. If you desire to stop encouraging abuse, neglect, pomposity or anything that you feel is negative, stop feeding the energy. Instead, put your focus on what you value and desire to see more of. What you place your attention towards will continually expand. You must truly commit to this and you will see the changes.

We know that many prayer groups are created to change outcomes. We do not wish for you to try and alter outcomes for others. Work on changing the outcomes in your own lives. As each of you makes changes in your thoughts and deeds, you will notice the outcomes alter around you. Each must execute their own free will and make decisions right for themselves. You must not try and force beliefs or try to alter outcomes for another. They will always have whatever they need. We know we have gone over this before. This is vital for you to understand so it is worth repeating.

Noah and Rebecca

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Great Creator!

Know me for I am the Great Creator! I am part of all that exists and all that exists is part of me. No one religion or group holds more power or focus. All learn through the teachings they are drawn to. I am not doctrine but you have created doctrine to find connection with me. I am source. I reside in the inner and outer sanctums of all that is.

I weep when violence is created in my name. I am saddened when one group preaches that harming another group or beings is for my glory. No parent or creator celebrates the destruction of any of their children or creations. I do give you room to create for yourselves but do not use my name in the act of murder or what you perceive as retribution. No group or individual has the right to accost or try to destroy another. No group or individual has a right to subjugate another. Man and woman are equal in my eyes. Gay and straight are also equal in my eyes. You will no longer label anyone as inferior because you wish to dominate them. Look for ways to enhance the rights of all. Be respectful and mindful.

This is a time where all must thrive to allow the continuation of life on your planet. You must all work together as your most powerful selves in order to find your answers. Stop putting so much energy into violence and hatred of those different from yourselves and stop looking for ways to harm each other or control each other. Stop trying to force your ways on others.

If you truly wish to find me or connect with me, then find me in love of all that is. Know that I can read into your souls so do not pretend with me or your guides. Be of truth and integrity. Do not force your will on another. Love allows for the cultivation of many ideas and many ways . You all should have learned this by now. Hatred, fear and violence have no place in trying to connect with the Divine energy. Love is the primary source of creation.

The Creator of All

Friday, May 27, 2011

Directions for Some of You! (You will understand, if this pertains to you)

Some of you reading these words will be asked to set aside a certain time period each day for a specified number of days, weeks, months or some other delineation of time to just be. Some of you have already been doing this process. More will be asked to do it. We will come through to those affected by this and give you specific times to do this task. We ask that you not engage or ask questions while this process takes place (meaning your time to be quiet). We are doing an energy transference with you. This transference will help each of you involved with your work and human life. It will link you better with those who are your source groups.

We are not your guides or on your regular team but we have been enlisted to help you with this transition. Your guides and guards are around you while this takes place. It is more affective if you lie still during this time period and disengage your active thoughts. Your energy grid is being affected by this process. We are to only play this role with those of you meant for this work. You will notice that our energy is quite different from your guides. If you have been directed to follow the specific guidelines, you will need to find a way to do it. You will not be able to talk to us later or talk with your guides. We are aware of all that is in your life, at this time and we will pick a time period where you can succeed at this request. Know this is vital to human evolution.

The infusion is not about taking over or something for you to fear. It is something designed to realign you and prepare you. You will find this quite useful to the new you that is evolving. Much depends on you being open and willing to follow directives. Mankind’s survival is hanging in the balance and we are working to ensure that mankind does continue. So, we are working with some of you who already have an energy consciousness and don’t hold ego energy which would block this work with you. If this doesn’t affect you, don’t worry about it. Not all of our messages are for everyone. Those affected just need a heads up on some things and we use this vehicle to do that.

We have no name that will translate into human perceptions. So, we have no way of signing this with such a label.

Peace Be With You!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Brothers and Sisters,

What do you want for yourselves? What is the life you want? What do you really enjoy doing? What are the attributes that you have that are natural to you? What are the interests that you have that are natural to you? Do not answer these questions believing one answer is more noble than another. There are no right or wrong answers to this. This is not about what you wish for another or about you defining who your children or spouse should be. This is about you being honest with yourself about your dreams and aspirations. If you have a spouse or children, ask them to answer the questions for themselves.

Many people scoff that the manifestation process doesn’t work. They pray or invoke and get no results but what are you truly praying for or trying to invoke? Is it in alignment with you and where you want to go? Are you trying to create what you have already done or mastered? How would you truly feel about getting the same thing over and over again. You can’t do the same thing over and over again and expect different results or energy. You must be willing to make changes and do things differently. This time try to create what you truly value instead of what you have been told you should value. Dare to be different, original, authentic. Remove fear from the equation. Do not plead for something. Do not pray for what another should create or do. Do not waste creative energy on trying to manifest for another being. Let each do their own work. The energy is much better served. Come from a place of power and true desire for your own path and destiny. See if that doesn’t make a huge difference in the creation process.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Outside of the Box

Brothers and Sisters,

We ask you each to start learning to think outside of the boxes of what you have been taught from the human perspective. We speak to you now of energy centers. Humans are taught to follow chakra systems for your development. However there are some of you who are not human and so you do not have the same types of energy centers. It doesn’t matter that you are in human bodies. Your true energy may be run by different currents and different directions of those currents. You may also have different colors in your chakras than what you are taught.

So, for the sake of this knowledge, tune in and find out what your individual chakras or energy systems hold. Find out if that is your path of learning and development in your energy types. Be open to what information comes through. You might have different grid systems in your energy lines. The way of activating your energy might be different from what you have been taught or you presuppose. Your catalyst for activating your energy and light may be different. So, we ask that you entertain this. This will not be different for all of you but it may show up and you are not off by picking up that information, if that is the answer you pick up.

Some of you have been taught rules for attuning to energy but you have your guides give you some different information. What comes through your guides will be the energy we ask you to follow. Don’t worry about what others pick up or tell you to do. Know it is okay that you get answers that you have never read or been taught or told. Some of you are completely unique paths. It is more important that you understand you and the journey before you.



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gifts and Gratitude

Now is the time of blessings! Enjoy this day and this moment. Learn to focus on what gifts surround you here and now. This is the time to take stock of what you are blessed with.

There is much more in store for each of you or at least many of you. So, do not look at this as precursors to anything. It is just important for you to each realize you have many gifts in the here and now and much more lies before you. Appreciation and gratitude will go a long way for each of you to grow and learn.

Do not bless or hold gratitude just because you believe we ask this of you. Do it from a genuine love of all that is in existence. When you give charity, do it from love and not guilt or pressure. We do not ask for anything out of guilt or sense of obligation. Do it because your soul aligns with the energy. You are not collecting points with us. You must make your choices because they are the right thing for you to do.



Monday, May 23, 2011

Alignment and Future

Blessed Brothers and Sisters,

We reunite with all of you and we send you blessings. The worlds are converging and aligning. Much is changing and shifting. Each of you must learn accountability for what you have created and the ways you live. This is not so that you will be punished but so that you can understand how each piece has served you or not served you. Pay attention to your decisions and try and understand your sense of right and wrong. You can’t really judge another until you understand where they come from and what they were taught.

Mankind has learned to be most judgmental of others. There is a belief that your ways are the only right ways and everyone who disagrees is wrong. Yet, each of you have created patterns to serve your experiences among the physical realities. If you have assessed how something serves you, you must realize what others are doing also serves them. At this phase, you must learn to not imposed your beliefs on others. Use the standards of respect for all life and still find the way to do what is right for you. There will be time, place and manner possibilities so that you may honor others and yourselves at the same time. You don’t have to like everyone or want everyone in your lives. Sometimes the most respectful action is to step away from someone or something. They will then be able to bring in others to be with them in the stage or beliefs they are in.

Realize you attract energy to you that reflects what resonates with you as you are. When you are ready to change or shift, you will also attract others to you at that place. All works in perfect balance for those willing to work with the energies around them.


Yahweh and Noah

Many of you are worried about the future and that you will manifest what you require and in the ways your require it. You don’t need to worry about the future. You will always have what you need. The ways of creation will be as they need to be at all points in time and space.



Sunday, May 22, 2011

Be What You Want to See In the World!

We are the bringers of the light to mankind. The light is all around you and the light permeates in all areas and all things. You have but to look for light to see it. We bring you back to your intention of what you seek. What you seek is present in and around you.

Many do not look for light, they look for darkness. So, you see a world that focuses on the problems and issues of society. They do not look for what is right with your world or the different beings in your world. Your focus will expand whatever energy you are focusing on. We have spoken of this before. There is a saying in your world to “Be the Change You Wish To See.” The same goes for anything. You must become what you wish to have more of in your world. Your focus and alignment will go far in changing your world. Always start from what is within you. Focus on changing yourselves into what you wish to be and your life and world around you will change.

Some of the issues people run into is what they focus on and instead of working on changing themselves, there is an expectations of others needing to change to what each of you expects them to be or become. There is no honor or respect in this. You must work on yourselves and allow others to work on themselves. When each of you is ready and committed to changing and growing, the energy will be there to support you.

Noah and the Light Bringers

Saturday, May 21, 2011

True Foundations

Truth is the foundation for all levels of growth. We have tried to help you focus on techniques and thoughts to help you rework your foundations. Find the new levels to rework your ways and skills. As you do this, you will find your lives will be reworked.

We realize that you have information from your past and from your experiences. Take what you have learned into this work but don’t feel the need to hang onto beliefs that no longer serve you or work for you. As you get empowered, you will find that you no longer need to carry the burdens of other or indoctrinations that no longer serve you. You may choose the avenues that work for you and release the areas that don’t fit your lives or directions. Look to your choices and evaluate what works best for you and your future and true selves.

The paths reveal themselves to those who will shine light on them and navigate based on the light. It is worth looking at this so you may find light in yourselves and then shine that light out. You have no need for agendas of what this light can and will do. You have only to be what you are. It will soon serve you greatly.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Changing Models

Brothers and Sisters,

Your missions are interconnected with your talents and abilities. Many things may seem hidden or don’t seem a fit for you. But always look to what your natural gifts are. When you understand those pieces, you start to understand what you are here to learn, experience and bring to the world. What you are passionate about will hold keys to your purpose in this realm. You can accomplish your purpose and still be honoring of all life and ways. There is no need to control, fix or manipulate others to fulfill your journey on the physical plane.

Mankind has spent too much energy in manipulation and fear. So, you think to be affective you must carry on in those models. The truth is you need to break those models and retrain your techniques for working on the physical plane. When you learn to connect with your spirit and the ways of true manifestation, you will find this task much easier and the prospects much brighter. You are creating new foot prints on the life paths you walk. Those foot prints will create new grooves in the synapses and alter the ways mankind functions. Start with reprogramming yourselves and then you will be able to direct those who ask for your guidance. When we say ask for your guidance, you will soon learn the difference between lip service and action/alignment requests.

You may only guide those who are truly ready and open for growth and you must never impose or force your ways on another. Respect of free will must always be honored. There is no reason to get frustrated with those who choose to follow another path. No one must be forced to grow or change. Respect and honor are paramount for this process.



Thursday, May 19, 2011

Masking and Truth

Blessed ones,

Masking your life doesn’t serve anyone. People are taught in your world to mask constantly and it isn’t working. You create false impressions and desires. So, it causes people to make conclusions that are not true. Judgments are made that don’t hold baring to anything in reality.

We seek to help all of you move towards purity of thoughts, actions and deeds. You must learn to simplify and be who and what you are. From this place others may judge to be with you or to not be with you. It allows for people to find what is right for them.

Start by removing all of the layers you have created to mask your feelings, needs and desires. Come to a place of simplicity. Who are you and who do you want to be? Constantly re-evaluate who you are and who you are meant to be. As you align yourself, you will find manifestations come more easily also. It all works together.

People wonder why they don’t create as easily as in other planes of existence and that is because they don’t come from a pure place. In other realities, you are aligned and when you create, the process is much simpler because of that. People throw on the layers to block the creation process and wonder what happened. Simplify, be clear, be honoring of your requests and desires and you will find all comes quickly and easily. It is how you would wish. Also, you don’t waste energy on trying to create something out of alignment. When you are asking for something out of alignment, it is not manifested because you are not really aware of what you are asking for. Clarity will help that.



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shifting and Paying Attention!

Blessed Ones,

We gather around you to help you with the epic shifting taking place. Your work now is learning skills that will serve you in your futures. In my time, I was directed to build a great ark. Moses was brought to the arc of the covenant. We have come in at many times to help mankind survive the great changes in these times and zones. Many thought we were crazy for following the directives that we receive, yet we followed them anyway and we were able to help survival on many levels. We brought in energy to help with the next phase.

You are many who will be brought into alignment as “saviors” of humanity. You will be asked to venture forth in the “wild,” even if you are still within city boundaries, and administer to certain needs. You are not meant to force your teachings or ways on others. Allow those ready for you or drawn to you to venture forward. You will not preach but offer aide to those who would seek it from you. You will not promote yourself in this. For those who belong with you truly will come to gather around you. Notice who comes from a pure place and who tries to force you to work with them. Those who need to force or manipulate the issues are not ready for what you have to teach. Those who come from love and the energy flow are.

You will find more and more that others will venture near you for the work you have to offer. We are also aware that some of you reading these words have other paths to follow so our words will no longer ring true for you or sound pompous or off. That is why we asked you to be truthful to see if our work is right for you. Great sacrifices will be made by many to help you in your work and lives for those meant to carry them out. Those of truth and honor will be easy to pick out from those who are false prophets. The energy of words and deeds will always give away the truth. This energy may not be masked. So, there is no cause for fear or alarm. Always seek truth and look within. The outer shell may mask something but the inner energy will not be masked.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All Coming Together

My name is Lyah and I come to you from great expanses. I give you greetings. Past, present and future all come together now for those willing to suspend the rules of the life you have grown to know. We endeavor to help you make shifts and changes in your world and own lives. You are no longer to be so preoccupied with what others do or don’t do. You are not to worry so much about the outcomes of the choices others make.

You focus on ways to improve your own paths. Seek not to interfere with the journeys of others. Seek not to assume you know better for others. There is a time in all life form’s directives where each must follow the design set for them. They have pieces where they need to work out and evolve. All spirits of all ages are now coming into their power and potential. You must honor that drive and creative process.

You hold obligation to help animals, children and adults who are in distress but don’t assume you understand how best to help them. You may only help ensure they are in safety in the moment you are brought together. There may be some charges where you must help nurture and protect them. If you pay attention you will know how to be with them. Parents hold the job of helping ensure their children are prepared to handle situations that arise but you are there as teachers. Your children are also teachers for you. Yes, you must work to protect your children but also know when they must be released into the world to work things out for themselves. Helping and controlling are different energies. Support growth and respect decisions made by each being. There will be times where things (issues) show up in your lives and days and you will be directed away from the situation. Other times, you will be drawn into the situation. Ask for help and guidance for all that is brought into your awareness. We of the expanses will show up and guide you.

You must learn to request our help so we may offer it to thee. We will not interfere with your journey or Free Will. We hold great respect for the great experiment.

We bless and honor thee a thousand times over!

Monday, May 16, 2011

True Leadership

Brothers and Sisters,

You are united in a bond of fellowship with us and many realms and dimensions. You are not alone on any level and you are surrounded by great advances in your tools and connections to us. Your gifts are to come through you and your work with us. You will notice more and more talents arising from within you. Your energy will need to be open to the flow for this to really become more and more apparent.

You are new leaders for mankind. You are the leaders who will teach and demonstrate to mankind that leadership comes from great service and bonds with those whom you represent. You are not meant to repress others or make others small so that you may be leaders. True leadership knows that to empower your people will only benefit all. Education and learning to connect as community and groups of people will help all. You have no need for violence or violent ways. You have no need to condemn others or cordon off society from the world at large.

You will advance to a place where you have no boarders or needs to have papers to show who you belong to. You will be able to roam the earth and do your work without having to justify having the right to be on the land. Mankind must learn interconnectedness first and to realize that when you harm one, you harm the masses. Rebuild your foundations on love and light. Find your real sources of power and proclaim your glorious selves. This is not about ego or shining so others are dim. You must all shine fully and brightly out into the Universe. Please take this to heart. You are all necessary cogs in the wheel of life. To run smoothly, you are all necessary and vital.


Yahweh and Noah

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Alignment of the Light

Peace Brothers and Sisters,

Now is the time to commune with your body and soul. Align yourself to the light that you are by nature. Release energy that you hold for others and call back your own energy that others hold for you.

Release your need to fix, change or control others. Find your own inner peace. Assist those it may be right for you to assist. Release those who are not ready for what you hold and how you are meant to be in your realm. Manage your own space and life and allow others to do their own part. Once you remove the burden of having to fix or change others, it frees up much energy for you to navigate your own inner world. You have no need to play power games or struggles. You may release the ways of conflict and there is no need to force resolution. Each of mankind must make their own choices. Each must decide the type of being they wish to be. Your paradigm shifts happen within you, when you make the concerted efforts to align with what you truly are and desire to be.

All of who and what you are will help the results spring from you related to being in alignment. Be secure in your own power and individual nature. Attract to you all that you need and desire. You will be given actions to take in each of these phases and they will lead you to what is of respect and honor and the lives that will beckon to you. You are learning to create differently from what your societies have taught you. You will still do work in this reality but you will no longer struggle to create or have what is yours. You move to a place of simplicity and remove all of the convoluted energy. Create whatever you truly need and even have surplus but not more and see how your world flows.

The resources of your earth are many. They last longer when you only take what is required and needed and not more. Greed must be a thing of the past for it serves no one. Each will have different lives because you each hold different needs, wants and desires. Some will be wealth and some not because it is aligned with your beliefs and needs. You will hold the experiences you require. It is part of all that needs to be. There is no judgment from us of what helps you on your path. Each has a unique journey and we are here to help you in the unfolding of this.


The United Forces of Light

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shifting Existence!

We will start to take you into shifting realities. Your world has focused on fear based reality and the need to get all that you can before someone else gets something and leaves you deprived. The shift we ask you to make is through a love based reality where there is no need to control or manipulate another. There is plenty for all and you only need to take what you need. You no longer need to struggle or fight for what you want. You can trust the flow and that if something is for you, it will be yours. You no longer need to worry or fear for the future of mankind or outcomes. You may now trust that all things work out beautifully.

To enter into this new paradigm you must stop buying into all that you are bombarded with and start rewriting your story. When you go into a store or any outing, trust that if something is yours, the means are there for it. If you go for a job interview, remove the fear and just open to opportunities coming your way. If one job is not right for you, something else will open up. There is no need to struggle through your existence on the physical plane. You may now enter the flow.

We only suggest this to those willing to make real changes in their lives. If those reading this wish to be in fear based and hoarding mentalities, please continue as you have in the past. For those ready to create a new way, you are welcome to enter into this shift along with us. We have no need to control or fix you. Any changes that you desire must come from you. We just offer some keys to making the shift.

Owen and Orion.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pure Thought & Intention

We are here to teach mankind that light work comes from a pure thought and intention. Mankind often convolutes energy with ego energy and desires that are not of honor. We ask you to remove your agendas for altering people and their behaviors. It is not your job or work. You are responsible for your own actions and behaviors and when you try and impose on others, it will never be the strongest choice.

You who are ready to grow and expand your life and work will need to work on purifying your own thoughts and beliefs. You will be stripping yourself of the training that mankind had imposed on you and opening instead to the energy of light. Let the energy of light flow through you. Let each cell soak in the light vibration and see what comes through you. Pay attention to how you feel and how you are interpreting what is around you. Pay attention to what no longer feels right for you and what foods no longer resonate with you.

You will notice that you are no longer able to be around certain people or beliefs. This is not from intolerance but from a need to find a different way for yourself. You will be in a process of restructuring your energy and to do that, you might need to isolate yourselves for a time being. You are not asking anyone else to change in this process. You will instead start to find that new energy is drawn to you and in that, new work will take the place of your current work. New doors and ways will open to you. You do not need to explain this shift to others for they will not understand it, unless it is right for them.

We only offer this information to those it resonates with. We have no need to force change upon you. Change will happen naturally. You may find that there is another energy catalyst for you. If so, use that. You must find what is authentic and right for yourselves. Each will be lead to the path right for them.


Yahweh and the God Grid

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Energy Focus

What are you putting your energy into? Who are the people you are placing your energy into? How is that feeling? Remember that anything you focus on or concentrate on will expand. So, it is vital that you not put more energy than is needed into areas of your life that you don’t want to expand. Put instead the main part of your energy into what you do want to expand.

If something is of a lower vibration and you want a life of higher vibration, you must also pay attention to where you are focusing your thoughts and actions. Many of you will state you don’t want something and then put all of your focus in what you don’t want. It expands and you are shocked. There are also many of you who will constantly speak of something but then you do not do any action towards what you profess to want. If you spend less time talking about things and actually take the steps towards your goals, you will no longer be wasting your energy. It is more affective to do something than to talk about doing something.

Look at the motivation of those who talk about things but don’t do them. They may not even know why they continually talk about things without follow through. Usually, they come up with excuses to only talk about doing something without doing it. You have many options in your world but manifestation comes from alignment of thoughts, actions and deeds. All of the pieces must fit and flow together. When all is aligned, the creation process will work with you. The back and forth energy only convolutes outcomes. All works better for you when it is aligned.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Heads Up On Some Earth Changes

For those of you who live within 100 - 200 miles from any coastal area in the world, you will start to receive messages within the next year to five years about moving inland. We ask that you follow what message you receive about relocation. You will need to move inland around 300 miles to follow this guidance. Different parts of your world will be on different time tables for this move. Those who live on islands will need to move onto the larger land masses as this information directs you. You will find you are instructed as to where to move.

Those who live near volcanoes or fault lines may also be directed to move and we ask that you follow through with this directive. You will receive this information to protect yourselves and your families. Each of you will receive the directions as appropriate for you. Please do not discount this information or push it aside. You will only receive it if you are meant to survive the shift or meant to move. We also know that we could knock some of you over the head and you will not believe what is coming through but we are hoping you will not argue with what you pick up, when the time is right. You will also feel a sense of urgency with this directive so please follow through.

You must all work together on this. Your borders will hold no power over the humans who need to move during this shift. You will need to create home for any who will seek to move to your areas. All humanity must work as one. You must stop the need to dominate others or prevent others from their paths. You must work in concert with each other to survive. There is no room for ego paths or decisions in this next phase. Compassion and other loving traits must be your moral compasses. Those who will try and dominate by fear or force will not be successful in this next phase. You must stop trying to harm or destroy each other because of different ideologies. It is time to get along with each other and respect each other for who you are. The human survival depends on this. You must learn to think out of your boxes for you never know where the answers lie. You must also look after the animals and plants. This crosses religion and philosophical boundaries. This is not a punishment in any way. It is the result of being on a planet that is evolving.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Art of Being!

When you are in a place in your life where you are feeling at a standstill, know that is the place where you must keep your faith and trust. We realize that you perceive that you must do something all the time. But some times you just need to be and there is still much work taking place. Remember we have tried to help you look beyond what you see or think you perceive to know that something is happening.

Just because you don’t see the seed germinate and start to grow doesn’t mean it isn’t growing and preparing to blossom. You are in those places. The frustration that you feel is actually your energy starting to blossom. We are working to help you each reach your goals and destinies but that varies based on what is about to take place and some pieces need to fall into place before other pieces may be evident.


Monday, May 9, 2011


Blessed Ones,

Some of you have one or two guides who encompass all of your guide needs. These guides may have physical form or not. They may have names or not. There will be some way you will find to communicate with each other. There is no right or wrong in this process.

Some of you have many more guides on your team who may link as a group or come through as a single being, depending on their work with you and around you. As with one or two guides, these beings may have physical forms or not. Some of them may have names and some may not. You will learn to discern their differences as you get to know them. Some guides come and go in your life, depending on where you are and your life work. There is no right or wrong in this.

As with humans in your life and the animals in your life, do not try and hold your teams or guides in place. Allow them to be who and what they need to be in the moment. Your requirements change and so may their requirements.

You will never be alone and you have only to ask to bring in your guides to work with you. You only have to ask their thoughts and opinions to receive them. They are with you in the utmost respect and honor. So, know this at all times. You have the option of building up relationships with them as you do with any other life force. If you allow your guides to work with you, they will be among the best friends you could ever wish for. They bring their own talents and gifts to the mix. So, please honor them, as you wish to be honored. Be respectful and open to their guidance and you will have wonderful additions to your lives.

Noah and the Light Bringers

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Look at Quality of Life Definitions for Each of You!

Dear Ones,

What is the quality of life that you wish to be part of? What does quality of life mean to you? Would you impose your wishes and desires on another and not consider their own answers to these questions?

Take some time and evaluate what the answers are to you. Part of this clarity is so that you can help create the lives that are your best and authentic lives. As you spend time encompassing change in your lives, you need the clarity of what is truly in resonance with you.

Many will cross over in your world this week and this year. Many will enter your world this week and this year. It would be better served if you can help all with defining their own quality of life answers and then support them on their own unique journeys. There are pieces in your own lives that need to be aligned with what represents true quality for each of you. That is part of your own life goals. No one can really determine the best quality of life answers for each being.

The litmus test should include compassion and living a life of kindness for all. That allows you to be supportive of the journeys that each is meant to follow and live.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Common Sense

Blessed Ones,

This is part of new beginnings. We know you are accustomed to your tried and true ways but the new ways are upon you. Mankind must now awaken and take responsibility for themselves and their actions. It is time to bring common sense back into the decisions you make. The laws of your lands and many lands have eliminated such ways and it is going to reek havoc on your societies. Your judges and courts must be able to look at situations and be able to see what is best for the situation and legislate accordingly. There is no one size fits all in any situation. It is time you all wake up and realize this.


This piece was inspired after I was reading a case where a 10 year old boy was playing with a broken toy gun and arrested with hand cuffs because of the zero tolerance law. He was playing on the school ground after the kids had gone home (he lived across the street from the school) and he was playing with his friend. The gun had no projectiles and they were playing they were policemen. The courts are treating him as an adult criminal. He never hurt anyone or even threatened anyone. He still doesn’t understand what he did wrong. Another case was also brought up where a high school student was suspended for having a butter knife in his car, after helping his grandmother move into a new home. The butter knife was classified as a dangerous weapon.

A friend of mine was talking about his son not being able to go to his High School prom because he didn’t have perfect attendance in school. His infraction from perfect attendance is he was in the hospital and they weren’t sure he was going to pull through the problem.

We as a society are in trouble if we can’t differentiate laws meant to protect us from situations where no one is creating any harm or danger. Also, we need to start making rules that are for the betterment of society and hold compassion in them. This is the time we must all make decisions on the type of world we wish to create and be part of. Creating ways of mindlessness will not serve us or any future generations. We need to institute common sense again. It will help all of us enjoy life more. Some judges have stated that the new laws don’t give them room for interpretation and common sense.

(I will step off of my soap box now)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Possibilities and Potentials

This is a new day and a new dawn fraught with possibilities and potentials. How will you embark on this day and seize the day? How will you remember this day? What brings fondness into your lives?

Start to assess your lives and days. Pay attention to what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. Pay attention to what you are used to doing to provide you nourishment.

We will be sharing thoughts and ideas with you to help you start looking at your lives critically. Know this and start assessing things. We don’t ask you to do this so you are stressed or angst ridden. We ask you to assess many things so that you may grow and learn. You must learn how to help yourselves grow and evolve for many whom you have relied on in the past will need to move on to other important work and will no longer be there to enforce shifts and growth on you. There is soon a time where many of you will need to go in different directions to promote your own journeys. New energies will come and bond with you. Many come and go. It is all how it must be.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Follow What is Right for You and Allow Others to do the Same!

When you have found something that is right for you, how do you acknowledge this? There are parts of your lives that you may not share with others. What is right for you is not always right for others or those whom you share your lives with. An energy that is right for you may be harmful for another. Keep this in mind, when you seek a sense of community or to bombard someone with your learning or beliefs.

There are many levels and realms that surround you. It is not a matter of good or better or worse or lower or higher or any other variations. It is about doing what is right for you while honoring and respecting what is right for another. You will no longer be able to share everything in your lives with those whom you believe are there to share with you. There are many who will share your different adventures with you but you must honor when someone doesn’t belong with you. You can’t bring someone along just because you choose to. Let them choose what is right for themselves. Learn to refrain from imposing just because you can impose thoughts or ideas on others. Each must seek what is right for themselves.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stop Game Playing and Simplify!

What tricks do you play with your minds to justify your behaviors and actions? How is that working for you? How do you try and negotiate results and outcomes? Where do you try and bargain for something that is not to be bargained for?

Be honest with your answers to these questions. You must stop games of manipulation. Be honest and straight forward in your lives. Simplify what you are doing and venturing forth in. Find what resonates with you and is authentic to you. Now is the time to make these changes and to purify your thoughts, deeds and intentions. Lives of integrity are well worth creating. You are not doing this to show up anyone but to be in alignment with yourselves. You are not responsible for creating for others but creating what is true for you. You no longer need to impose your beliefs on others or try and convince them that your way is right. Each must find what is authentic and right for themselves.

Some of you are positioned as human guides. You may point the way but you are not to control those who would seek your help and ways. A new day is upon you all now. Rise to the occasion.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reconfiguration of Energy

You are in a space of reconfiguration. Your world and models of life are going through shifting and changes that will enhance the lives of those willing to grow and change with what presents itself to you.

Many have been feeling dread and a sense of something about to happen. It feels foreboding to many. Yet, there is no reason for you to view this as a problem. You are mourning the loss of lives you have thought you should want and desire and now seeing them shift, grow or change and move away from you. You have been taught to want certain things that you find don’t resonate with you. You feel trapped in lives that do not feel authentic.

We view this as you waking up from your sleep. We ask you to stop looking around you for what you are supposed to want. We also ask you to stop judging what others have as good or bad. The lives each soul determines to exhibit will help them in their manifestations. Often, the outcries for injustice do not come from the areas that they need to come from to affect the real change. When the change is initiated from certain outside influences, it doesn’t hold the change because the individuals who need to step up are still not stepping up. It absolves those who need to follow their own journey from doing so because many others take over for them. So, people are not following their life paths when they allow others to do their work. There are those who may step in influence change but there are others who are supposed to pursue their true purpose from the spiritual perspective, which means directions come from a different place than those on ego life paths.

You cannot force change on those who are unwilling to take responsibility. Nor can you maintain the change when it is forced. Those who are involved must step up and take responsibility for the lives they are to create. Each of you must step up to your own lives and purposes and allow others to do the same. Each of you must ask what you are here in your physical lives to do. Then, proceed with the information you receive directly. Now, go forth and create the lives that belong to you. Authenticity is what you are seeking. You will know when you have found it. It will resonate and feel right to you.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Energy Awareness

We of the light salute you. More and more, energies will be coming through to help and enlighten you on your journey. We come through to those open and willing to suspend disbelief and to venture forth on your journey of the light. Up to now we have really been observing each of you. Some of you are doing light work in your presence on the earth. Others are progressing on your paths as they are revealed to you and as the need arises. Much exists on your planet under the guise of service but it really serves only the ego energy that exists. The purpose is not pure and the results are convoluted because of this.

When you receive requests of your time and energy, make sure all is in alignment. When you feel something is off, you may be guided to do some part of the experience and/or asked to step away from other parts. Assess if the energy is right for you. Trust what you pick up and don’t try and make it what you assume is really meant. Process the energy as it reveals itself. Take the energy at its face value. Work with us and near us.

Opportunities arise for you all now.

When you are asked to support energy or people, pay attention to what is being projected. If something is of fear and anger, it is not going to create healing. You may not support that and stay in a love based energy. When someone is working on a lower vibration energy, you may not go into the energy with them, unless it is right for you to be there with them. You must take ownership of your own destiny and what is right for you. You may not go along because someone wants you to. Tune in and find the clarity and appropriate boundaries. Clarity and better boundaries must be respected now. Pay attention to what is right for you and that is what you must respect, honor and do. You don’t know your answers until you ask your guides. Remember to ask before you do things. You are surrounded by the help you require. Also, don’t assume you know the answers without tuning in.



Sunday, May 1, 2011

Path of Light

God has sent me through this day to speak with those who will listen. Will you right the wrongs of your past and make new choices? Will you give glory where it is truly desired and deserved? We bring you the precipice of hope and delight. We anoint you in light and blessings. We give you the key to your soul growth and development. You must be ready to proceed. You must awaken and look at the light within you and around you. Embark cousins into the realm of light. See, feel, hear and know us for we surround you in Holy Light. Now is the time to open to the kingdom of the heavens. Rebirth is assured to those who would take the trail of light and bring light to the masses. Awaken to what lies within you and embark on your future kingdom.

All of which we speak of can exist upon your earth realm. It doesn’t require that you leave your mansions in this plane. You will only need to take charge of your true power and come from honor and respect of all life and all creatures. If you treat land as Holy, it is Holy. If you respect all life, you return it to its holy nature.

Master of Light