Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shifting and Paying Attention!

Blessed Ones,

We gather around you to help you with the epic shifting taking place. Your work now is learning skills that will serve you in your futures. In my time, I was directed to build a great ark. Moses was brought to the arc of the covenant. We have come in at many times to help mankind survive the great changes in these times and zones. Many thought we were crazy for following the directives that we receive, yet we followed them anyway and we were able to help survival on many levels. We brought in energy to help with the next phase.

You are many who will be brought into alignment as “saviors” of humanity. You will be asked to venture forth in the “wild,” even if you are still within city boundaries, and administer to certain needs. You are not meant to force your teachings or ways on others. Allow those ready for you or drawn to you to venture forward. You will not preach but offer aide to those who would seek it from you. You will not promote yourself in this. For those who belong with you truly will come to gather around you. Notice who comes from a pure place and who tries to force you to work with them. Those who need to force or manipulate the issues are not ready for what you have to teach. Those who come from love and the energy flow are.

You will find more and more that others will venture near you for the work you have to offer. We are also aware that some of you reading these words have other paths to follow so our words will no longer ring true for you or sound pompous or off. That is why we asked you to be truthful to see if our work is right for you. Great sacrifices will be made by many to help you in your work and lives for those meant to carry them out. Those of truth and honor will be easy to pick out from those who are false prophets. The energy of words and deeds will always give away the truth. This energy may not be masked. So, there is no cause for fear or alarm. Always seek truth and look within. The outer shell may mask something but the inner energy will not be masked.