Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shifting Existence!

We will start to take you into shifting realities. Your world has focused on fear based reality and the need to get all that you can before someone else gets something and leaves you deprived. The shift we ask you to make is through a love based reality where there is no need to control or manipulate another. There is plenty for all and you only need to take what you need. You no longer need to struggle or fight for what you want. You can trust the flow and that if something is for you, it will be yours. You no longer need to worry or fear for the future of mankind or outcomes. You may now trust that all things work out beautifully.

To enter into this new paradigm you must stop buying into all that you are bombarded with and start rewriting your story. When you go into a store or any outing, trust that if something is yours, the means are there for it. If you go for a job interview, remove the fear and just open to opportunities coming your way. If one job is not right for you, something else will open up. There is no need to struggle through your existence on the physical plane. You may now enter the flow.

We only suggest this to those willing to make real changes in their lives. If those reading this wish to be in fear based and hoarding mentalities, please continue as you have in the past. For those ready to create a new way, you are welcome to enter into this shift along with us. We have no need to control or fix you. Any changes that you desire must come from you. We just offer some keys to making the shift.

Owen and Orion.