Friday, May 27, 2011

Directions for Some of You! (You will understand, if this pertains to you)

Some of you reading these words will be asked to set aside a certain time period each day for a specified number of days, weeks, months or some other delineation of time to just be. Some of you have already been doing this process. More will be asked to do it. We will come through to those affected by this and give you specific times to do this task. We ask that you not engage or ask questions while this process takes place (meaning your time to be quiet). We are doing an energy transference with you. This transference will help each of you involved with your work and human life. It will link you better with those who are your source groups.

We are not your guides or on your regular team but we have been enlisted to help you with this transition. Your guides and guards are around you while this takes place. It is more affective if you lie still during this time period and disengage your active thoughts. Your energy grid is being affected by this process. We are to only play this role with those of you meant for this work. You will notice that our energy is quite different from your guides. If you have been directed to follow the specific guidelines, you will need to find a way to do it. You will not be able to talk to us later or talk with your guides. We are aware of all that is in your life, at this time and we will pick a time period where you can succeed at this request. Know this is vital to human evolution.

The infusion is not about taking over or something for you to fear. It is something designed to realign you and prepare you. You will find this quite useful to the new you that is evolving. Much depends on you being open and willing to follow directives. Mankind’s survival is hanging in the balance and we are working to ensure that mankind does continue. So, we are working with some of you who already have an energy consciousness and don’t hold ego energy which would block this work with you. If this doesn’t affect you, don’t worry about it. Not all of our messages are for everyone. Those affected just need a heads up on some things and we use this vehicle to do that.

We have no name that will translate into human perceptions. So, we have no way of signing this with such a label.

Peace Be With You!