Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Great Creator!

Know me for I am the Great Creator! I am part of all that exists and all that exists is part of me. No one religion or group holds more power or focus. All learn through the teachings they are drawn to. I am not doctrine but you have created doctrine to find connection with me. I am source. I reside in the inner and outer sanctums of all that is.

I weep when violence is created in my name. I am saddened when one group preaches that harming another group or beings is for my glory. No parent or creator celebrates the destruction of any of their children or creations. I do give you room to create for yourselves but do not use my name in the act of murder or what you perceive as retribution. No group or individual has the right to accost or try to destroy another. No group or individual has a right to subjugate another. Man and woman are equal in my eyes. Gay and straight are also equal in my eyes. You will no longer label anyone as inferior because you wish to dominate them. Look for ways to enhance the rights of all. Be respectful and mindful.

This is a time where all must thrive to allow the continuation of life on your planet. You must all work together as your most powerful selves in order to find your answers. Stop putting so much energy into violence and hatred of those different from yourselves and stop looking for ways to harm each other or control each other. Stop trying to force your ways on others.

If you truly wish to find me or connect with me, then find me in love of all that is. Know that I can read into your souls so do not pretend with me or your guides. Be of truth and integrity. Do not force your will on another. Love allows for the cultivation of many ideas and many ways . You all should have learned this by now. Hatred, fear and violence have no place in trying to connect with the Divine energy. Love is the primary source of creation.

The Creator of All