Monday, May 2, 2011

Energy Awareness

We of the light salute you. More and more, energies will be coming through to help and enlighten you on your journey. We come through to those open and willing to suspend disbelief and to venture forth on your journey of the light. Up to now we have really been observing each of you. Some of you are doing light work in your presence on the earth. Others are progressing on your paths as they are revealed to you and as the need arises. Much exists on your planet under the guise of service but it really serves only the ego energy that exists. The purpose is not pure and the results are convoluted because of this.

When you receive requests of your time and energy, make sure all is in alignment. When you feel something is off, you may be guided to do some part of the experience and/or asked to step away from other parts. Assess if the energy is right for you. Trust what you pick up and don’t try and make it what you assume is really meant. Process the energy as it reveals itself. Take the energy at its face value. Work with us and near us.

Opportunities arise for you all now.

When you are asked to support energy or people, pay attention to what is being projected. If something is of fear and anger, it is not going to create healing. You may not support that and stay in a love based energy. When someone is working on a lower vibration energy, you may not go into the energy with them, unless it is right for you to be there with them. You must take ownership of your own destiny and what is right for you. You may not go along because someone wants you to. Tune in and find the clarity and appropriate boundaries. Clarity and better boundaries must be respected now. Pay attention to what is right for you and that is what you must respect, honor and do. You don’t know your answers until you ask your guides. Remember to ask before you do things. You are surrounded by the help you require. Also, don’t assume you know the answers without tuning in.