Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Present Moment and Your Future!

Now is your future. Now is your commitment. As you make your choices today, you have great impact on your tomorrow. Each piece and task will feed into the next. Your history has brought you to this moment in time and this place. The paths of your human ancestors have greatly impacted who you are right now. Your past lives have also weighed into what you face right now.

Your evolution is taking place right now. This is your moment in time to help pave the way for the future generations. Think about what you would do right here and right now. Everything you do, think and act on has great impact. There is nothing that is truly insignificant. That is why so many cultures teach presence and showing up in your day.

If you don’t value your life as it is, you have the ability to change it to something that you do value. Your choices are up to you. Your consciousness is also up to you. What choices will you value and make today?


Also, pay attention to if your focus is survival or thriving. There is a huge difference. Shifting to thriving mode brings you much more than survival mode. But it is up to you to decide what you will focus on.