Sunday, May 1, 2011

Path of Light

God has sent me through this day to speak with those who will listen. Will you right the wrongs of your past and make new choices? Will you give glory where it is truly desired and deserved? We bring you the precipice of hope and delight. We anoint you in light and blessings. We give you the key to your soul growth and development. You must be ready to proceed. You must awaken and look at the light within you and around you. Embark cousins into the realm of light. See, feel, hear and know us for we surround you in Holy Light. Now is the time to open to the kingdom of the heavens. Rebirth is assured to those who would take the trail of light and bring light to the masses. Awaken to what lies within you and embark on your future kingdom.

All of which we speak of can exist upon your earth realm. It doesn’t require that you leave your mansions in this plane. You will only need to take charge of your true power and come from honor and respect of all life and all creatures. If you treat land as Holy, it is Holy. If you respect all life, you return it to its holy nature.

Master of Light