Sunday, May 15, 2011

Alignment of the Light

Peace Brothers and Sisters,

Now is the time to commune with your body and soul. Align yourself to the light that you are by nature. Release energy that you hold for others and call back your own energy that others hold for you.

Release your need to fix, change or control others. Find your own inner peace. Assist those it may be right for you to assist. Release those who are not ready for what you hold and how you are meant to be in your realm. Manage your own space and life and allow others to do their own part. Once you remove the burden of having to fix or change others, it frees up much energy for you to navigate your own inner world. You have no need to play power games or struggles. You may release the ways of conflict and there is no need to force resolution. Each of mankind must make their own choices. Each must decide the type of being they wish to be. Your paradigm shifts happen within you, when you make the concerted efforts to align with what you truly are and desire to be.

All of who and what you are will help the results spring from you related to being in alignment. Be secure in your own power and individual nature. Attract to you all that you need and desire. You will be given actions to take in each of these phases and they will lead you to what is of respect and honor and the lives that will beckon to you. You are learning to create differently from what your societies have taught you. You will still do work in this reality but you will no longer struggle to create or have what is yours. You move to a place of simplicity and remove all of the convoluted energy. Create whatever you truly need and even have surplus but not more and see how your world flows.

The resources of your earth are many. They last longer when you only take what is required and needed and not more. Greed must be a thing of the past for it serves no one. Each will have different lives because you each hold different needs, wants and desires. Some will be wealth and some not because it is aligned with your beliefs and needs. You will hold the experiences you require. It is part of all that needs to be. There is no judgment from us of what helps you on your path. Each has a unique journey and we are here to help you in the unfolding of this.


The United Forces of Light