Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All Coming Together

My name is Lyah and I come to you from great expanses. I give you greetings. Past, present and future all come together now for those willing to suspend the rules of the life you have grown to know. We endeavor to help you make shifts and changes in your world and own lives. You are no longer to be so preoccupied with what others do or don’t do. You are not to worry so much about the outcomes of the choices others make.

You focus on ways to improve your own paths. Seek not to interfere with the journeys of others. Seek not to assume you know better for others. There is a time in all life form’s directives where each must follow the design set for them. They have pieces where they need to work out and evolve. All spirits of all ages are now coming into their power and potential. You must honor that drive and creative process.

You hold obligation to help animals, children and adults who are in distress but don’t assume you understand how best to help them. You may only help ensure they are in safety in the moment you are brought together. There may be some charges where you must help nurture and protect them. If you pay attention you will know how to be with them. Parents hold the job of helping ensure their children are prepared to handle situations that arise but you are there as teachers. Your children are also teachers for you. Yes, you must work to protect your children but also know when they must be released into the world to work things out for themselves. Helping and controlling are different energies. Support growth and respect decisions made by each being. There will be times where things (issues) show up in your lives and days and you will be directed away from the situation. Other times, you will be drawn into the situation. Ask for help and guidance for all that is brought into your awareness. We of the expanses will show up and guide you.

You must learn to request our help so we may offer it to thee. We will not interfere with your journey or Free Will. We hold great respect for the great experiment.

We bless and honor thee a thousand times over!