Sunday, May 22, 2011

Be What You Want to See In the World!

We are the bringers of the light to mankind. The light is all around you and the light permeates in all areas and all things. You have but to look for light to see it. We bring you back to your intention of what you seek. What you seek is present in and around you.

Many do not look for light, they look for darkness. So, you see a world that focuses on the problems and issues of society. They do not look for what is right with your world or the different beings in your world. Your focus will expand whatever energy you are focusing on. We have spoken of this before. There is a saying in your world to “Be the Change You Wish To See.” The same goes for anything. You must become what you wish to have more of in your world. Your focus and alignment will go far in changing your world. Always start from what is within you. Focus on changing yourselves into what you wish to be and your life and world around you will change.

Some of the issues people run into is what they focus on and instead of working on changing themselves, there is an expectations of others needing to change to what each of you expects them to be or become. There is no honor or respect in this. You must work on yourselves and allow others to work on themselves. When each of you is ready and committed to changing and growing, the energy will be there to support you.

Noah and the Light Bringers