Monday, May 23, 2011

Alignment and Future

Blessed Brothers and Sisters,

We reunite with all of you and we send you blessings. The worlds are converging and aligning. Much is changing and shifting. Each of you must learn accountability for what you have created and the ways you live. This is not so that you will be punished but so that you can understand how each piece has served you or not served you. Pay attention to your decisions and try and understand your sense of right and wrong. You can’t really judge another until you understand where they come from and what they were taught.

Mankind has learned to be most judgmental of others. There is a belief that your ways are the only right ways and everyone who disagrees is wrong. Yet, each of you have created patterns to serve your experiences among the physical realities. If you have assessed how something serves you, you must realize what others are doing also serves them. At this phase, you must learn to not imposed your beliefs on others. Use the standards of respect for all life and still find the way to do what is right for you. There will be time, place and manner possibilities so that you may honor others and yourselves at the same time. You don’t have to like everyone or want everyone in your lives. Sometimes the most respectful action is to step away from someone or something. They will then be able to bring in others to be with them in the stage or beliefs they are in.

Realize you attract energy to you that reflects what resonates with you as you are. When you are ready to change or shift, you will also attract others to you at that place. All works in perfect balance for those willing to work with the energies around them.


Yahweh and Noah

Many of you are worried about the future and that you will manifest what you require and in the ways your require it. You don’t need to worry about the future. You will always have what you need. The ways of creation will be as they need to be at all points in time and space.