Thursday, May 19, 2011

Masking and Truth

Blessed ones,

Masking your life doesn’t serve anyone. People are taught in your world to mask constantly and it isn’t working. You create false impressions and desires. So, it causes people to make conclusions that are not true. Judgments are made that don’t hold baring to anything in reality.

We seek to help all of you move towards purity of thoughts, actions and deeds. You must learn to simplify and be who and what you are. From this place others may judge to be with you or to not be with you. It allows for people to find what is right for them.

Start by removing all of the layers you have created to mask your feelings, needs and desires. Come to a place of simplicity. Who are you and who do you want to be? Constantly re-evaluate who you are and who you are meant to be. As you align yourself, you will find manifestations come more easily also. It all works together.

People wonder why they don’t create as easily as in other planes of existence and that is because they don’t come from a pure place. In other realities, you are aligned and when you create, the process is much simpler because of that. People throw on the layers to block the creation process and wonder what happened. Simplify, be clear, be honoring of your requests and desires and you will find all comes quickly and easily. It is how you would wish. Also, you don’t waste energy on trying to create something out of alignment. When you are asking for something out of alignment, it is not manifested because you are not really aware of what you are asking for. Clarity will help that.