Saturday, May 21, 2011

True Foundations

Truth is the foundation for all levels of growth. We have tried to help you focus on techniques and thoughts to help you rework your foundations. Find the new levels to rework your ways and skills. As you do this, you will find your lives will be reworked.

We realize that you have information from your past and from your experiences. Take what you have learned into this work but don’t feel the need to hang onto beliefs that no longer serve you or work for you. As you get empowered, you will find that you no longer need to carry the burdens of other or indoctrinations that no longer serve you. You may choose the avenues that work for you and release the areas that don’t fit your lives or directions. Look to your choices and evaluate what works best for you and your future and true selves.

The paths reveal themselves to those who will shine light on them and navigate based on the light. It is worth looking at this so you may find light in yourselves and then shine that light out. You have no need for agendas of what this light can and will do. You have only to be what you are. It will soon serve you greatly.