Monday, May 16, 2011

True Leadership

Brothers and Sisters,

You are united in a bond of fellowship with us and many realms and dimensions. You are not alone on any level and you are surrounded by great advances in your tools and connections to us. Your gifts are to come through you and your work with us. You will notice more and more talents arising from within you. Your energy will need to be open to the flow for this to really become more and more apparent.

You are new leaders for mankind. You are the leaders who will teach and demonstrate to mankind that leadership comes from great service and bonds with those whom you represent. You are not meant to repress others or make others small so that you may be leaders. True leadership knows that to empower your people will only benefit all. Education and learning to connect as community and groups of people will help all. You have no need for violence or violent ways. You have no need to condemn others or cordon off society from the world at large.

You will advance to a place where you have no boarders or needs to have papers to show who you belong to. You will be able to roam the earth and do your work without having to justify having the right to be on the land. Mankind must learn interconnectedness first and to realize that when you harm one, you harm the masses. Rebuild your foundations on love and light. Find your real sources of power and proclaim your glorious selves. This is not about ego or shining so others are dim. You must all shine fully and brightly out into the Universe. Please take this to heart. You are all necessary cogs in the wheel of life. To run smoothly, you are all necessary and vital.


Yahweh and Noah