Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We are going through a shift in gay rights, what would you say about this?

We feel that all beings should be respected. When someone in your world is gay, it is because they have a partner or partners who are of the same sex. Your soul is neither male or female. It just is. You are in a physical form that helps you travel around on the earth plane. If a spirit is heterosexual, it is because the partner or partners are not of the same physical sex. These people will most likely have the potential for procreation. When someone is homosexual, they will be drawn to souls who are in same physical sex forms. They are most likely not on the earth for procreation. However, you have advanced where you can create children, even under same sex conditions. We see love so we don’t see the difference between loving someone of the same sex or someone of a different sex. It is more important that humans align their loving relationships with a spirit who belongs connected to them in an intimate relationship, at the appropriate time.

From an earth perspective, there are times where relationship partners are of a huge age difference. If this is the case, we caution you to wait until both partners are consenting adults. We would not advise you to force yourself on someone who is vulnerable and not forming a consensual relationship. The sexual bond should be aligned with the spirits. It should be formed by love and not a need to dominate another and force another into something not right for all parties concerned.

As for gay marriage, we see no reason that society should not recognize true soul unions. All family bonds should have laws in place to protect families however they form. This includes biological families, adopted families and any permutation that is about joining together in a loving community. It all goes back to a foundation of love. Each of you may only judge what is right for you and not another. Laws should be based on keeping individuals and communities safe and loving relationships of any form will only enhance your communities.


The God Force

Monday, August 26, 2013

What would you tell humanity about the death penalty?

We only see life. We don’t understand your perception of death. You are in human forms and that is your sense of reality. Your spirit is in your body but when you leave your shell, your spirit is still in existence. So, when you have someone murdered or die from trauma, they are not dead, they are only transformed into another existence.

We believe your question is really based on humans who would kill or harm others in a violent act. We would only advise you to contain that energy. Your earth holds a duality. There is what you perceive as good and evil. This comes from choices humans pick. You don’t change violent behavior by being violent. It is not your job to change anyone. So, we see that you are better off, containing those who would harm the physical and mental forms around them.

No one has control over you, unless you give them control over you. You choose to relinquish your power. In some cases, you may need to do this to safely get out of certain situations. If you are in a karmic loop with another, where there is violence, we would ask you to stop the loop. You do this by choosing to release the karmic loop and stepping away from violence and abuse. Even if you feel there is no choice, there is always a choice. Pray for guidance and you will receive it. There is always help around you.


Yahweh and the Light Bringer

Friday, August 23, 2013

We have seen a lot of violence happening in the world and people speak of wanting peace. What do you have to say about this?

Mankind has created violence throughout its existence. This is a choice by many in the collective consciousness. If mankind wanted peace, there would be peace. Peace is not a negotiation, where you have to give something up for the others to give you peace. If someone is committed to peace, they just simply choose peace. You have no control over those who wish violence. Society doesn’t rebuild from a foundation of fear into a foundation of love by killing and harming others. To rebuild on a foundation of love, all elements must come from love. You can’t go into anger and expect love. Whatever you desire as the outcome must be in every level of the creation process.

We hear about Middle Eastern peace talks but it seems to always bring out aggression and violence. What can be done about that?

If the true desire is to create peace, you must have only people who wish peace in the discussions. You must create a society with those who wish peace. You can’t carry on past hurts and create something different. Always look at the motivations of those involved. Both parties must be working towards a common goal to create something new. Instead of separating the countries by borders based on nationality, you might do better to reconfigure societies based on common goals and aspirations. People will then create a new world based on people living with those they desire around them.

What about this shift where we are seeing people resort to violence because they are bored?

You may only contain those with violent intent. If you only show them violence, they find that acceptable but they don’t belong in a society that is working on some concept of peace and love. There is no respect for life, so you remove them to be with a community of others who believe as they believe. You remove them from the society where they behaviors are not acceptable.



Thursday, August 22, 2013

How do we get back to what we are meant to be and return to our authentic selves?

You shift your life by being true to who and what you are. There is no right or wrong. You are on a path that is programmed within you. You can’t continue to blame others on who and what you are. You must move past any old hurts and resentments. You have allowed yourself to be programmed by others, now return to what is within you. Release anything that doesn’t feel right to you or for you. You are not here to judge others or try to fix others or try to make them into what you want them to be. Allow people to be who and what they are.

You show children different experiences so that they can see what fits them. Don’t force anyone into a specific mold. Just as you don’t want others to do that to you. This will help each of you find what is authentic and true to you. That is the life you must live. All who resonate with you, will show up to share this journey with you.

If you have lived a life where there was abuse, know that we ask you to remove yourself from this abuse. If you have been with others who berate you or bully you, do what you can to extract yourself from such beings. Always remember that God is love. There is no punishing. What you have and create comes from love. Where humans have gotten off track is that they built a civilization based on fear and control of others. This is not the true Divine plan. Rebuild your lives on love and stay away from vexing energies. If you feel fear come into the energy of what you are creating, stop and refocus on decisions based on love. Your lives will change greatly from this.


The Godhead

Thursday, August 15, 2013

We are at a period of time where a lot of people will be crossing over. Many people have a hard time letting go of a loved one and will do whatever they can to hold onto them and keep them with the family or on this plane of existence. Many will place their loved one on life support until it is convenient for them to release the loved one. This can often be a form of torture for the loved one.

I was recently asked to pray for someone who was placed on life support until the family could come in to be with this person. I tuned into the person and felt overwhelmed by the anger at being held back so that the family could be brought in. I asked for more information and was told that life support was basically tethering the soul to the body, when the soul was ready to move on. This information caused me to tune into my mother’s spirit and ask her about her time on life support. She told me that it kept her with her body but she understood why we needed to do it. So, it seems more compassionate to just allow our loved ones to move on. I know there are times where life support allows the body to heal and the spirit to come back after the body has healed. So, this must be done on a case by case basis. However, when the spirit is ready to move on, we need to allow it to move on.

Another issue I often see, is family members who try to hold the spirits of their loved ones on the earth plane. They force the spirit to stay with them. Once a spirit leaves their physical body, they are moving onto a different life. They will come around us during certain times but they are not with us all of the time. We can speak with them and they will hear our conversations with them. We will often receive a reply. We still need to allow the loved one to move on. We should desire for each being to have their best life and existence.

This week, the work I have been guided to do is let go of any need to control the process of another. Learning to work through the spirit instead of the ego, allows for all life to be what it needs to be and process the world as is needed. There is no need to fear that we won’t have what we need. However, we will manifest what is needed more authentically. What we think we need and what we actually need are not always the same thing. Each of us needs to follow our own path and life journey. What we actually need and require will always be there but it may be different from what our ego minds perceive. We need to be willing to let go of what is not authentic so that we can create more authentic lives.


Ken and the Light