Thursday, August 15, 2013

We are at a period of time where a lot of people will be crossing over. Many people have a hard time letting go of a loved one and will do whatever they can to hold onto them and keep them with the family or on this plane of existence. Many will place their loved one on life support until it is convenient for them to release the loved one. This can often be a form of torture for the loved one.

I was recently asked to pray for someone who was placed on life support until the family could come in to be with this person. I tuned into the person and felt overwhelmed by the anger at being held back so that the family could be brought in. I asked for more information and was told that life support was basically tethering the soul to the body, when the soul was ready to move on. This information caused me to tune into my mother’s spirit and ask her about her time on life support. She told me that it kept her with her body but she understood why we needed to do it. So, it seems more compassionate to just allow our loved ones to move on. I know there are times where life support allows the body to heal and the spirit to come back after the body has healed. So, this must be done on a case by case basis. However, when the spirit is ready to move on, we need to allow it to move on.

Another issue I often see, is family members who try to hold the spirits of their loved ones on the earth plane. They force the spirit to stay with them. Once a spirit leaves their physical body, they are moving onto a different life. They will come around us during certain times but they are not with us all of the time. We can speak with them and they will hear our conversations with them. We will often receive a reply. We still need to allow the loved one to move on. We should desire for each being to have their best life and existence.

This week, the work I have been guided to do is let go of any need to control the process of another. Learning to work through the spirit instead of the ego, allows for all life to be what it needs to be and process the world as is needed. There is no need to fear that we won’t have what we need. However, we will manifest what is needed more authentically. What we think we need and what we actually need are not always the same thing. Each of us needs to follow our own path and life journey. What we actually need and require will always be there but it may be different from what our ego minds perceive. We need to be willing to let go of what is not authentic so that we can create more authentic lives.


Ken and the Light