Friday, August 23, 2013

We have seen a lot of violence happening in the world and people speak of wanting peace. What do you have to say about this?

Mankind has created violence throughout its existence. This is a choice by many in the collective consciousness. If mankind wanted peace, there would be peace. Peace is not a negotiation, where you have to give something up for the others to give you peace. If someone is committed to peace, they just simply choose peace. You have no control over those who wish violence. Society doesn’t rebuild from a foundation of fear into a foundation of love by killing and harming others. To rebuild on a foundation of love, all elements must come from love. You can’t go into anger and expect love. Whatever you desire as the outcome must be in every level of the creation process.

We hear about Middle Eastern peace talks but it seems to always bring out aggression and violence. What can be done about that?

If the true desire is to create peace, you must have only people who wish peace in the discussions. You must create a society with those who wish peace. You can’t carry on past hurts and create something different. Always look at the motivations of those involved. Both parties must be working towards a common goal to create something new. Instead of separating the countries by borders based on nationality, you might do better to reconfigure societies based on common goals and aspirations. People will then create a new world based on people living with those they desire around them.

What about this shift where we are seeing people resort to violence because they are bored?

You may only contain those with violent intent. If you only show them violence, they find that acceptable but they don’t belong in a society that is working on some concept of peace and love. There is no respect for life, so you remove them to be with a community of others who believe as they believe. You remove them from the society where they behaviors are not acceptable.