Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We are going through a shift in gay rights, what would you say about this?

We feel that all beings should be respected. When someone in your world is gay, it is because they have a partner or partners who are of the same sex. Your soul is neither male or female. It just is. You are in a physical form that helps you travel around on the earth plane. If a spirit is heterosexual, it is because the partner or partners are not of the same physical sex. These people will most likely have the potential for procreation. When someone is homosexual, they will be drawn to souls who are in same physical sex forms. They are most likely not on the earth for procreation. However, you have advanced where you can create children, even under same sex conditions. We see love so we don’t see the difference between loving someone of the same sex or someone of a different sex. It is more important that humans align their loving relationships with a spirit who belongs connected to them in an intimate relationship, at the appropriate time.

From an earth perspective, there are times where relationship partners are of a huge age difference. If this is the case, we caution you to wait until both partners are consenting adults. We would not advise you to force yourself on someone who is vulnerable and not forming a consensual relationship. The sexual bond should be aligned with the spirits. It should be formed by love and not a need to dominate another and force another into something not right for all parties concerned.

As for gay marriage, we see no reason that society should not recognize true soul unions. All family bonds should have laws in place to protect families however they form. This includes biological families, adopted families and any permutation that is about joining together in a loving community. It all goes back to a foundation of love. Each of you may only judge what is right for you and not another. Laws should be based on keeping individuals and communities safe and loving relationships of any form will only enhance your communities.


The God Force