Thursday, June 30, 2011


Notice how some people pay attention to inequities and go out of their way to broadcast them and keep instilling the anger. From what we have taught you, you know this is not a way to help clear the energy or help it evolve. The angrier or more charged you get about something the more it takes you away from your true power.

Much is changing in your world and many of the structures in place that are related to greed are among things that will go away if you look at ways to be loving and compassionate with each other. When you find yourself getting angry about any issue, step back and look at what may need to happen. Ask for the place of compassion to come through. Then, look at what needs to be done. In many cases, you will be asked to remove your energy from whatever you are focused on that is disruptive. Think about how different this is from what you have been taught to do and believe.

Those of you who are Christian have been taught to turn the other cheek. This advice is really about pulling your energy from areas that you no longer wish to support. Instead, put your energy into what is important to you. You will notice how things take on a different glow or vibration. We are asking you to pull your energy from the negative and open to the positive. Put your energy into what you wish to support and not in areas that you don’t want to support. Again, go back to your feelings. If it elicits anger, then pull your energy from it. If it comes from love and compassion, then progress.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Authentic Energy & Choices!

How can people reconnect with their Divine self and true energy?

Dear Ones,

You are never really disconnected from your Divine self or true energy. It is within you. You have only to strip away the masks and facades you have created to fit in. Spend time finding what is an authentic pursuit. Find time alone to really source the inner you. Find time to have a few moments of quiet.

Everything and each choice you make is to help you find something or to fulfill a need. If you look to what it is fulfilling, you can see if it truly fulfills that or is just a way of masking something else. As you understand the core need, you can make better choices.

The human form is meant to be an experiment in choices and how people utilize them and make them. Many other existences do not have anything like your free will in their programming because it is not germane to that existence. Your human existence holds many choices. If you don’t value or appreciate one, then make another choice. You have the ability to experiment and try on new things and ways. This is a great gift. Your Divine self understands the gifts of this human existence. To truly find your true energy, be honest with your life and choices. Be willing to make another choice, if one things doesn’t work and also be willing to release with love and compassion instead of anger and dread. You hold power within you.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting On Track

What are the things that people can do to get on track and create the work and life that is best for them?

Most of you are aware of the signs that you are discontented in your lives. So, the first step is awareness of what is not working in your life. The reason we go to this is because you are taught under the suffering model. So, you will recognize that something isn’t working for you before you will be aware of what works for you. Once you have the realization of what isn’t working, you need to then start looking at what is working in your life. Next, look at what skills and abilities you have and hold. Look at ways to put them together into work and life that is authentic to you.

We see that many have created lives and work based on what others have thought they should do. People are far to willing to give up control of their choices to others and then say that they have no power in the situation. You always have power but you must choose to use it and not ignore what is within you. If given any choice, always check in and see if you would value one decision over another and express your opinion. That will change what shows up greatly.

Some of you say that you can’t do something because it isn’t nice. So, you say yes to a date with someone you don’t want to spend time with. You say yes to a project that you dread doing. You say yes to “friends” who only want to control you. When you say no to these situations, you are releasing energy that doesn’t work for you. You free the others involved to go find someone who does want to be with them or resonates where they are. You allow someone who might like the project to say yes to it. Try and understand, if you say no to something, someone else will say yes. If there is a true need, it is always filled. If something is out of alignment with you, it will be in alignment with someone else.

When you say no to something that you don’t want to do, someone else can say yes to it. When you do things with an open heart, you are projecting love into agreement and that raises the vibration. When you say yes to something begrudgingly, it is not done from love. You bring a higher frequency to anything that you really enjoy doing. You also bring a higher vibration to things that you do from an open heart. When you do things with an open heart and from joy and passion, you are creating work and a life that is in alignment and coming from your power.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Life and Work!

We have a question for you today. Are you open to your life and your work? Look within you and pay attention to the excuses that you come up with to not do what you know needs to be done. Look at where you hold onto those who don’t belong in your life or with you. Look at where you do things that you know are not authentic. Look at where you place energy with people or situations that just drain you of life force or hold no balance. Look at where you have trained people to drain your energy and time.

After you have done this, now look clearly at what feeds your soul and your energy. What makes you feel excited and charged? Where and when are you connected to your inner power? The idea is that you recreate yourself and your life so that you feel excited and charged. Find what drives you and enlivens you and create that as your foundation and build from there. As you get committed to this new way of being, you will find that opportunities open up more and more for you to do that.

Just so you know, it is possible to create a life where you feel excited and vibrant all of the days of your life. You can do work that feels good and earn a wonderful living doing that. You just have to open to the possibility and the potential. It is what souls were designed to do. People have strayed only because they are taught to expect their life to be something different. Your inner map will always lead you in the right direction. Once you are aligned, the energy around you will provide opportunities. Some opportunities are to check your commitment and others are to help bring you into the work that is meant for you.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pre-conceived Notions and Your Path!

Blessed Ones,

Look at your pre-conceived notions. What is it that you are working at or on? Is that from your spirit asking you to follow a path or is it from your ego mind telling you what you should do.

Your path is your path but can you pursue it from a pure place instead of through the convoluted eyes. We are not around you to do all the work for you but we surround you to help guide you through your journey. We are your best friends who come through to help you navigate. We are the part that remembers what is within and around you. Know that we have the ability to help you so that you don’t need to struggle or feel dread in your earth plane existence.

Connect to your inner essence and utilize this force to recreate yourself. You will find that immensely helpful. Come from the pure energy and you will no longer struggle and you will be lead into your future lives. Your paths will awaken as if by magic. Know this. Much is changing but it lies beyond the scope of what you have been brought up knowing. It is not in the conventional way but from the forces of light and knowledge. It takes you to the place from the beyond. That is the goal to merge worlds and ideas and open to a new phase that is to awaken what is within and surrounding you. It bridges much that is beyond current human knowledge.



Saturday, June 25, 2011

Know Yourself!

Know yourself! That sounds simple but many of you have become what others expect you to be. You do activities that others have designed are right for you and you go along with what others dictate. Many of you feel trapped in your lives because of this. You have not created authentically to what is your true nature. You hide who you are so others will like you or accept you. However, how can they really like or accept you, when they don’t know you.

Often others will project onto you traits they expect to see or experience with you. This also doesn’t allow you to be who you are because they won’t see you for who and what you are. Your job is to be who and what you are and not worry about what others gleam from it. People will come and go in your life but it is better that the people who stay are there because they value you as you and not as they wish you to be. You don’t really want a life of people who only will like you if you fit what they want. You need the people around you who really value you for who you really are. In order for you to be authentic, you must first strip away the facades you have created and really understand you.

You have no need to fear that who you really are isn’t good enough. It will be perfect for your true and authentic life. Go to all of your senses to help you strip away the facades and be true to who and what you are. You will not be sorry for this exercise. It will help you really manifest the life you are meant to live. You can stop the game playing and manipulations that occur every day and just be who and what you are. You can create a life with activities and work that are authentic to you and that you enjoy. You can follow the life that you are excited to live and create. It all goes back to first understanding what that is.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Say No to Anything Fear Related

Dear Ones,

We have spoken of this before but when someone comes to you and tries to coerce you into doing something because of fear base, then you must say no. The person may use fear tactics or try and get you to make a snap decision. This is something you must learn to walk away from. People who prey on vulnerabilities of others will be shown up. Take time to assess and get an unbiased opinion from someone you trust and not door to door salesmen types that want to talk you into things. Always look to the motivation that someone has in doing something. That will help you understand if their motives are pure or if they hold an agenda in convincing you to do something. It is your job to make an informed decision and do what is right for you.



Thursday, June 23, 2011

Putting Things Together!

Dear Ones,

Realize that your goals and aspirations are not the end result or destination. They are pieces in the puzzle of your life. The elements of who you are and who you need to be are much better to focus on. What you desire to be, you already are in relationship to what you are creating. So, you do not need to focus on becoming something, unless you want to change attributes that no longer serve you.

Most humans in your history have not focused on being what history saw them as. They were what they were. Their traits and who they organically were helped create their legacies. They followed what was within them. That is your true purpose. Allow your life to be organic. Pursue what you truly love and value. Spend time with the people you love and value. Be loving and compassionate in all that you are and do. But most of all, be who and what you are. Be your authentic self and all that needs to happen will.

You will never need to control or manipulate another to get what is yours. You must instead be honoring and in integrity. Know that each has their own purpose and fate. They do not need you trying to force them into being what they are meant to be. People become what they are destined to be as it is meant to. By being in truth and integrity, you allow others around you to make the best choices for them. Never rob someone of the ability of making the best choice for them because you withheld information from them to try and get them to do what you wanted them to do. The more information someone has, the better able they are of making the choice right for them. Be in truth and integrity.

The Godhead

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


How do you find your destiny or even know what that is?

We caution you to not worry so much about what your destiny is because it is built into you programming. You are part of your destiny and you destiny is part of you. You will have a fire within you that leads you towards your future and your soul purpose. It is within you and must happen. Nothing can truly block any real destiny. Throughout history mankind has tried to stop the destiny of others but it never works out because the obstacles will help promote your path. You each must do what you are programmed to do. It is in your nature and your systems. The Universe will conspire to make it happen.

Your soul will know what that is, even when your conscious mind has no idea what it is or how to create it. It is the part of you that must be created. It is the energy and elements that feed your soul and life blood. If you are feeling ambivalent about something, it is probably not part of your programming. Who you are meant to be must be.

If you are feeling blocked or unsure, you have only to tune in from a clear and pure place and ask. Talk to your soul and see if something is part of your life purpose or if there is something else that is better suited to you. You will know truth. Always source it and ask that the truth be revealed. You can ask this about any activity or part that you feel is presenting itself to you. You may feel drawn to something because the experience will help you in your foundation or lead you to explore a direction. When it is time to be in your life purpose or destiny all other things will melt away. All you need to focus on is where this day leads you. Each moment builds on the next. You can handle anything by taking one moment at a time. Try and garner the most out of each experience if only to just show up for your life. You will be lead where you need to be. Again, if in doubt just check in with your soul and you will know what to do and how to do it.


The Godhead

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rebuild on a Foundation of Love!

We were asked about those who preach fear and hatred. Those who express the need to repent and accept their teachings and beliefs or face eternal damnation. From what we have taught you, does that even resonate as any part of truth? If words and actions produce creations is that what you wish to support and create?

Many humans got the creation system wrong. They built civilizations on fear instead of the true foundation of love. They focused on what they perceived as lack instead of the bounty that really exists.

Many fear they will cease to be but the soul will always continue in one form or another. The form you take now and in all directions of time is and has always been up to you.

Those who come from love and compassion will always hold their connection to the Divine. Though you may not always be aware of that connection, it is there.

The ancient Egyptians felt as long as you are remembered, you will exist. In the terms of existence, you always transmute and there are beings on different planes of existence who will know you. So, there is always someone to remember you, in whatever form you take. All that ever is or was exists and only changes and evolves. Whether your earth keeps its current form or evolves into another form, there is no end. All constantly changes and exists.

Many of you think that the only reason to be good and kind is because of judgment from the Heavens, yet that is not the reason to be good and kind. You should be kind, loving and compassionate because it is the better way to be in all realities. Fear not transitions. Instead, be open to each day and celebrate the gifts you have right now. Treat others with respect and honor, even if that means to step away from them. There is room for all of you in this realm.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ideas to Help You in the Changes!

As the energy changes and alters, you must each adjust to these changes. To do this requires that you take some time out to allow the infusions to settle and integrate. You require a time to basically be reborn as who you are meant to be. If you are feeling stuck, you may write to Ken and he will tune in to see what advice we have for all of you to help you with your processes. Know that each of you are beginning your inner and outer journey’s now. You will hold different requirements for this work. If you have questions for us, related to things that are useful to others who are also experiencing what you a experiencing, we will entertain your questions and see what we can do to help the collective energy of that resonance. We will no longer take questions that are fear based or about how to control, fix or change another person. So, look at what is showing up in your life that may be able to help others and we will address that information. If you are having difficulty with something and need our help, let us know and we will find a way to help you.

For those of you who are dealing with relatives who are in transitions to the other realm, we will offer you comfort but your job is not to try and hold onto those who are ready to move on. Your job is to help them on their journey with love, support and compassion. Make their transition as loving as possible. Create whatever closure you require. Give aide, peace and comfort to the sick and weak. Come from love in all that you do and are. This also goes for those who leave your life but are still on your earth plane. They leave your life because it is time and there is no need for fear or judgment of this change. The new people will show up. Enjoy the silence and quiet, while you have it. For soon much changes. You will thrive in this shift with this advice.

Also, was ask that you stop being in survival mode and move into thriving mode.



Sunday, June 19, 2011

We are At a New Phase!

There is a point where we will not be giving daily messages. We would rather address things as they need to be sent to you. Those who are our charges are waking up and receiving more and more direct contact with your own teams and those preparing you and so there is less of a need for us to come through to you.

Your world is advancing and there are clear shifts taking place. We wish you to really understand that you have all that you need and require. There is no need to stress about the shifts and changes taking place. You always have beings around you to help you and nurture you, as you require it.

This is a time of growth spurts for many of you. Honor your need for space and quiet time. Honor your feelings and emotions. Know that each being in your realm has their own journey to attend to and it will most likely be quite different from yours. We hope that we have taught you and you have gotten this message that it is not your job to change or fix anyone. You will be there to assist many or some. Your main purpose is to be support in the growth spurt.

In this next phase you will be given directions on what you need to do now. In order for this to take place, you must really let go of the old ways and preconceived notions. Open up for the inspiration to flow through you. Trust your own guidance and directions. That will always serve you in the days, weeks and months ahead. Help is around you. Really understand this.

Your missions are being prepared and we trust you all to embark on them with style, love, compassion and with all of the gifts you each possess. Know we are proud of each of you and all of you.


The Godhead

(As an aside, different beings have given me daily messages through July 8th. So, we will still be giving messages but they feel different and they address other challenges and insights than the past few years have. So, know we are still here to help those who need our help. It also looks that a new adventure will await many of us by the end of August. So, the message seems to be to stay open and stay tuned. - Ken and Team)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Changing of Guides and Support in Changes!

Blessed Ones,

There is a time now where different guides may be stepping forward to work with you. We have mentioned that some of you may need to have time where you are isolated for certain periods of time. This is work that another group of beings is doing with some light workers to help advance them and their work. This is not from your guides and normal teams. As a result of the energy shifting different guides will be more in alignment with you and your work.

These new guides will hold their own vibrations. Some of them may be singular and may have names or there may be some collective force coming through. It will be whatever you each need. There is no reason for you to have concern about this. It is just what you need to experience. Do not hold onto the past energy because it is more comfortable for you. Give the current group of energies a chance to show you that they are also wonderful additions to your lives.

We know that change may be scary to many of you but it is part of growth and your existences. Change happens in all realms and not just your realm but in other realms beings are more open to the flow of the energy. They know and trust the flow. Your world thinks that a lack of change is stable and safer. You also have much doctrine that teaches you to fear what you don’t understand. We hope that you are feeling more comfortable with these shifts after the years of exposure to our information for you.

Many of you are on the tip of great changes and you must be comfortable with what is happening now so that you will allow the changes that need to take place to take place. That will allow you to fulfill your parts. Know we are around you and we are monitoring all things taking place.

The Yahwehs

Friday, June 17, 2011

Invite Your Guides to Work With You!

All things are shifting and changing. Your routines are not kept in stone. As your world changes, many of you will find that your lives are changing and evolving. For this to take place, you must learn to release the old you and open to the new you. You will be guided and accompanied on this journey. You have only to invite your guides and guards in with you. Many surround you waiting to be invited in. We are not scary of fear based. We just merely are open to spending time with you and your day. We welcome you and we look forward to you welcoming us.

Advanced training awaits many of you. It has nothing to do with classes, in the sense you have learned to perceive. We teach in energy transferences. We are light, sounds and vibrations. We may seem subtle but we hold profound affects.

Yeah! We hear many of you open to inviting us in. We look forward to working and playing with you. Note to yourselves, we do have playful sides and we enjoy working and playing with those open to us.

You don’t need a label (name) to invite us in. You have to only invite us in. We look forward to our work with you. All you have to do is say that whoever is supposed to work and play with me come on in and we will. You can also invite us in and ask for our help and we will be there in a flash.

Realize that not all of our work together is heavy duty. Some of it is quite enjoyable for those open to having fun and joy in their lives. Healing takes place in love and joy and not in dourness. Something can be serious but also loving and compassionate. Think about that!

When people ask you about the source of those working with you, that is a fear based question. You can let them know you are not playing the fear card any more and go on your way. If someone is supposed to work with you and be with you, they will know it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Preparing for Change

There is a shifting taking place. Many of you are in the throws of great change. With this, you might notice that your teams are changing. The energy around you is shifting as you are shifting. You are linked to the guides who are with you and you will often resonate with their energy. So, you might find you have different likes and dislikes and your personality may shift as the energies linked with you shift. This is normal. You are evolving and growing. This is part of the evolutionary progress that will propel you to your work and new life.

Those who accompany you will also shift and change. Again this is normal. There is nothing to fear or worry about. All the adjustments are being put in place for a great purpose. The desire to hold onto the past, while moving into the future, will get in the way. Know you are taken care of and all who are involved are part of the decisions. If your guides are to change, they are part of the decision process of who will come in to take over. Whoever comes in will come in with great love and compassion for you. Your work is being prepared. It is time to make the decisions of moving forward or staying put in what you perceive as safety.

Your lives teeter in the throws of decisions and change. What will be your choice? If you are committed to evolving, then you must be willing to relinquish the past and open to the future. Much is in store for you now for those willing to step into their power.

(We are moving into a space where we are collective energy and have no name for signatures. We hope that we have built trust with you. If you don‘t feel the connection, just tune into whether our information resonates with you. If it doesn‘t, then this message is not pertinent to you. Some will need to hold onto the old ways and beings and you may do so. Our information will resonate with those able to release and ascend to the next level.)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Asking for Our Help!

When you truly want our help, with some part of your life, remember to ask us in and ask for our help. We cannot interfere with you or your path without permission. When we answer you, do not then try to negotiate with us to do something different from what comes through as your directions. If we have answered you, the steps will lead you to what you have asked for.

We will often respond to you and then you try to find a way to do what you want to do and ignore the advice we have sent you. That tells us you really don’t want our help. It also can create a scenario where we are more reticent about coming through.

We are willing to help you create your desires but there are times where a circuitous route may show up. It may not make sense to you, at the time. However, it will lead you to the answer you seek. You need to lay a foundation before the desire may be realized. In some cases, you have already laid he foundation and something may show up quickly. Much of creation holds a process that you must follow to create the dream. The creation may be in a place where you have time to evaluated what you have asked for. Know that we are listening. The arguments with us don’t help you or us out. It just creates blocks from you getting clear answers or you putting a skewing of the information. It is best to get the pure answer and go with that. To get a pure answer, you must be open to all potentials.


Noah and the Team

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Opening to the Next Phase!

We see that many of you pay lip service to being ready for the next phase but you want to hold onto the old ways. This is now the time of surrender. Be willing to release the old that no longer serves. Many are going through a transition with your guides and teams. This only works if you are willing to let go and allow the old energy to leave and the new energy to enter.

When you are ready to embark on your new destinies, you must be willing to release and go into the void. You will not be alone and you will be protected and guarded. Your lives are ready to move forward but only if you are willing to abandon what you think you know for what is yours to follow. There are many paths that you have not even considered. These paths are not part of your conscious thoughts but they are part of what is to take place in your futures. They will be more fulfilling than you can imagine. You have only to surrender to the path that is meant for you right now. Release the old ways and open to the new.


Monday, June 13, 2011


What do you want to see grow and expand in your life and world? Pay attention to this. We leave this message as simple and just open ended. What you focus on and put your attention to expands. It is as simple as that. If you want to diminish an energy, you must stop giving it attention. If you put your attention onto certain things, they will expand.

When you watch the news, you are adding to the energy they are presenting. Be vigilant in paying attention to what you put in your mind and all areas of your life. When more and more attention goes into something, it grows and expands. When you remove energy from something it will diminish. Some of the things you wish to diminish seem to expand and that is because the multitudes are putting energy in those areas. The collective may make something expand that needs to diminish because they still hold the fear of whatever is expanding. People in your lives may be worried about you and focus on their fear of something happening to you.

Start by being clear in your focus and what you truly desire. Then start putting more and more energy into those areas of your life. You will see miracles happening.



Sunday, June 12, 2011

High versus Low Vibrations!

Many of you are aware that changes are taking place. You feel the shifts. Even those who profess to not be energetically aware are realizing changes are taking places. Change is not good or bad. It is just different.

We watch many who are professing to be leaders spending a lot of time and energy in creating hate campaigns against one group or another. They profess to be in the moral high ground. But there is no moral high ground in creating laws and regulations meant to hurt any group of individuals. Use of violence and hate to squelch anyone is not of any higher light energy. You are not speaking for God or the light realms when you try to harm another. You do not go to heaven by thinking you are doing God’s (Allah, The Great Spirit or any other name you choose for the Creator) work and then you kill or harm another. There is no moral high ground usurping the rights or dignity of another. God is the higher plane of existence. Energy of hate and violence is a lower plane of existence.

Anyone who wants to connect to their spirit energy or to the higher planes of existence needs to come from a love base and work on raising their vibration. That only comes from doing things from love. Stop pandering to those who wish the path of lower vibration but profess self righteousness. When you come from the higher energy there is no need to preach punishment or repentance. You just simply love.

The true way to navigate the changes about to be are through love, courage, honor and respect. Stop giving attention to what you no longer wish to see expand. That is the path you truly must follow, in order to progress.

The Light

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fresh Starts

Fresh starts begin with new beginnings. Learning to release what no longer fits and opening to something new. We see many of you repeat the same patterns and tell us why you must continue doing the same things day in and day out. As a result you do not see changes.

Don’t allow your fears to prevent you from making changes in your life. You can do things in a way where you still have a solid foundation. For instance, you don’t need to quit the job you hate until you find a job you would enjoy doing. Don’t feel that you are trapped. There is always a change you can make or something different you can try and do. Sometimes, it involves changing your perspective about something. You live in a world with many alternatives and options. Take advantage of that. Don’t stay in relationships or situations that you hate. Work towards creating something in your lives that you enjoy. Study or get whatever training you need to proceed onto the journey that gives you joy and works for you. Don’t create a life because you believe it is what you must do based on someone else’s definition of happiness. Find your own definition of happiness and create that.



Friday, June 10, 2011


Change is coming everywhere. When you look at your land, your sky, your life you will see the signs. Much is shifting and changing. You see it, feel it and know it. There is nothing to worry about with this shifting that is taking place. It is important for all of you to go with the flow.

Learning to be present and able to go with the flow, will help all of you tremendously. You have searched out much but it doesn’t really prepare you for what is to be. Sometimes, you just need to experience the changes and take each step one piece at a time. It benefits all of you to flow with what is before you. There are many things you cannot prepare for. When you learn to be present and in the moment, you are in much better shape than when you try and control what is before you. There is no way to control much of this. You can fight the energy change or you can flow with it. Which do you believe will work best?

Know that each moment is precious and amazing. Each phase is also amazing. So, enjoy each part of it and release the need to control or fix that which is not broken.


The Godhead

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Clearing Energy and Preparing for What is Next!

Clearing your energy of the past is a very useful thing. You are saying to the Universe we no longer need to hold onto old patterns. Many who are truly light beings are being prepared for a new phase in your evolutionary history. Your DNA structures may be shifting to align you truly to what you are by nature. Clearing the past patterns will free you up to hold onto your human identities but align with your true energy.

Go through your space and find what no longer fits you or belongs around you. Take time to go through your own beliefs and rituals and see what no longer belongs. This is a time to alter and change. Prepare thee the way for what is to follow. You are ready for a new phase and many of you seek change. Now is the time for this to start taking place. As you master this shift, you will find your skills and talents come to the forefront and your links with those of other realms becomes stronger. You will help prepare the veils to bring through the energy to support this change and growth spurt.

Blessings to all of you who are here at this time to help mankind evolve.

Hosanna in the highest!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Earth Changes & Priorities!

With all that is about to take place on the earth, think carefully about where your priorities lie and what is important to you. Many in your world are focused on minutia and that will not serve what is about to be. You have seen a taste with floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tornadoes. When you compare those experiences, are your problems/issues that important and worthy of your stress and angst.

Fights over land and trying to dictate to one another are not a good focus. Some areas have carried vendettas for centuries and are digging in their heals in on who is right and who is wrong. People want things back that their generation never had to begin with. Groups claim land and territory. Groups wish to place humans into submission to their will. Many claim their way is the only way. Mankind will not survive with that mentality. You will create extinction of mankind with such anger, control and manipulation.

There are some in your world predicting the end of the world. They are advising others to repent and submit to their beliefs or you will not have access to God or what you refer to as heaven. That is nonsense. God loves all of you. You will be in your physical forms as long as you are in your physical forms whether that is one hour from now or 100 years from now. While you are what you refer to as alive, live your life. You may live as this is the only day but also take care of your futures. We wish you to create existences where you thrive and stop the suffering models and punishment models. If you respect all life and the rights of all, you have no need to carry on the suffering models. It is not for mankind to decide how another must live. Your lives are reviewed at the time of your crossing over. Your future lives will help you learn lessons you have not understood in this lifetime. We see the need for containing those who would be violent against others but we do not see the need to punish someone because they think or believe differently from you. Each of you has your answers, when you really need them. Until then, really be clear about your focus and what is aligned with you and treat all life with respect and honor.


The Bringers of Light

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ego Energy and Choices

We wish to help you understand the ego energy. When spirit comes through with directions, there is an energy to it that is part of the flow. We are helping you see what may need to take place from a perspective of taking care of you on your journey. The ego energy is your mind trying to override what is coming through for what you think is the answer to what you wish or want the answer to be. It is the part of you that disregards spirit energy. You claim it is something that is better for all concerned but it comes from a fear base or a desire to control.

You always have choices to make in all that you have in your lives. The main reason to consult your teams is so that you have the pure answer. We are not trying to control you but we will show you the better choice, when consulted. Our path with you will take you to the easier path of your creation process or the experience you require. We will help you show up where you are needed and when.

If you choose to follow your ego path, you are setting up the parameters based on what you wish to impose. That is always your choice and we are not saying this is wrong but it is a completely different path than the spirit path. Your mind is assuming it knows the best course and in many cases this will be just fine. You will most likely receive more challenging experiences from this but if that is how you need to learn, that is how you get to learn. If you wish to proceed on your own volition, there is no reason to consult with your team because it is a wasted energy to ask and then ignore.

When you are ready to ask your team for help, your team will be there to help you. At the point of asking, please try and pay attention to the answers coming through and proceed from that knowledge. Then, you are being more honoring to all concerned. Know the choice is always up to you. We do not share this from anger but from a place of helping you understand what you are doing when you make different choices.

Love and Blessings!

The All That Is

Monday, June 6, 2011

Foundations for Manifestations

There are sequences that need to take place before certain other pieces of the puzzle find their place. Humans will ask for things or outcomes but they are not looking at the foundations that must be formed and the experiences that will be needed for the outcomes that they wish. It is better to take time to develop situations and outcomes than to arrive at them immediately. We are aware that many of you wish to arrive at the end results but if that happened you would not be ready for them.

There are patterns and situations in the works for all of you. Some of you are in the foundation setting place of the creation. Some of you are further along. Your lives are a process. You cannot have certain things until other events take place. The sequences are necessary for divine outcomes. So, we seek your patience so that what you desire and need may be formed. Think about what you ask for. Would you be ready to handle it, if it showed up right now? You claim you are ready but have you done the work on yourselves? If you want a new love, are you happy with yourself and who you are? Would you be open to the partner as they are and feel comfortable being yourself? If you wish to accumulate wealth, why do you want it? Would it truly solve your worries? Many who are wealthy are in a place of never having enough to satisfy them. Do you want wealth to accumulate things or for some other reason? Look at the real desire.

All creations must be authentic and you must understand why you seek them. If you understand what you are seeking, you will understand that other pieces must fall into place first or that what you think is the answer is not always the answer that you truly seek. So, really look at what you wish and then look at the base desire. That will help you along the way. Also, there are some instances where you have already manifested the desire but the form is different from what you have imagined so you miss it. So, look at that in your life.



Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mission and Preparation for Mission!

Each light worker, who has a mission on the earth plane, will be given different tasks to perform to help them cultivate their talents and to connect with abilities you are not aware of. You each came to your current plane of existence with certain abilities that would help you with your life purpose. Your teams and other beings will be giving you tasks to perform to help ready you for what is to be. We ask that you follow those requests. They will help you with what lies ahead.

These tasks may be for you to set aside time to hibernate or isolate. They may be for you to show up in a certain place at a certain time to perform some task of service. The tasks will vary based on what is required of you right now.

The lessons we present you with will serve a purpose. We are not doing things arbitrarily. So, please be open to what is before you.



Saturday, June 4, 2011


Pay attention to the signs that surround you. Signs exist all around. You will know what to look for but you must look. Many times you see signs about something and then ignore them. You are given chances to see things over and over again. We often even escalate what is shown to make sure you are getting the message and still many of you ignore the signs. This goes in relationships, work and all aspects of your lives.

Know that we give you many messages and we constantly give you signs to help you make better choices for you. Yet, you override what is presented or decide that you know what is best. Later, you often complain about it or admit that we gave you better advice. If you seek your teams guidance, try to follow what is given to you. If you don’t want our guidance, don’t ask for it.

We usually have reasons for giving you specific advice. We are seeing the impact that the course of action will create. We know what you have chosen to participate in and we know what is in alignment and what is not. So, learn to trust our judgment and guidance. You do have the right to make another choice but if you are going to override us, then don’t bother to ask. There are many circumstances that we know you will override us before you even ask. If you know you don’t want to know the perspective we bring, go ahead with your own choice. It just saves time and energy. We will always give you the best advice we can when you ask for it.

The Godhead

Friday, June 3, 2011

Various Missions

Noah was sent to earth for his mission with the ark. Jeshua was sent to the earth plane to help wake man up to the path of love and acceptance of all. Moses was sent to lead his people out of bondage to a place where they could find freedom. During different time periods of man’s history, we have sent different individuals to help mankind progress, learn and advance. You are in such a time period where many advances are soon to take place.

Those of you who are meant to be light workers or light being advocates, have been brought to the earth for various missions. Your missions will be revealed to you, as you are ready for them or as the world is ready for them. You will be prepared in a way so that you will know how to proceed or advance. We often only share the pieces that you need to receive. Much of the information resides in your DNA. There is no need for you to worry about how to proceed or what to do. You will know what is required when the time is right. If you do not know the answers that you seek now, it is because it is not time. If you need to know something, the answers will be revealed when the time is appropriate. So, there is no need to fret. This is not something you can work at for you either are or you are not ready. You will or you won’t proceed. It will be automatic, when and if the time is right. You cannot do your work until the time is right. It is part of the great plan.

We caution you about wanting to do what another does or trying to take on the work of another. You all have your own unique gifts and responsibilities. Do not hold onto anyone who needs to progress. Allow those who are ready to move on to move on. Allow the progression to take place on the time table set up from the advanced energies. Humans will no longer be able to get in the way of the important work that needs to take place. The ego decisions must be put aside so that the other energy may now come to the forefront.


The United Federation of Light Beings

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Connetion to Higher Realms and the Process

Light, love, joy, laughter. What does that mean to each of you reading these words. These are energies that we value. We find they help bring you to our plane of existence. They lighten up your vibrations and allow you to connect better with our realities. We look for ways to speed up your vibratory patterns so we can connect better with you.

What is it that you wish to connect with? What is the existence that you truly value? What is this experience teaching you? What are you learning from those of us who surround you? There are times you must evaluate and re-evaluate situations and experiences so that you know how to alter your course of actions and beliefs. If you never evaluate, you can’t assess what is showing up and what is working and not working. This doesn’t have to be angst ridden or cause you consternation. Take a good clear look at what is in your life. Take stock and evaluate what is it that you wish to have more of and what you wish to diminish.

We know that those of you being kept isolated are wanting to be out in the world but you need to hold on longer while the work is being generated to help prepare and enhance your energy fields. Your cocoon is only there, while you require it. Then, you will be released out in the world of action. Do not try and force this shifting and changing. It takes as long as it takes. When you take on your new forms, you will no longer require these energy advances from us. You will be brought to the vibrational level that is required for your gifts and work to take flight. All is revealed as it needs to be. The advances are coming into reality.



Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Light Frequencies

We know you. In some cases we know each of you better than you know yourselves. We open up the pathways for you to know us to. So, keep open minds for the exchanges to take place. We are creating symbiotic relationships with our charges. We are creating bonds with our energy fields and with your energy fields. It is a form of a grid that will enhance our connections and our abilities to work together. As your vibrations shift and align more and more with other realms and dimensions, the grids will feed each other and we will create a great bond between each other. Our cultures and communities will merge and we will bring light upon each other.

For this to take place, you must each commit to shifting your vibrations to light frequencies. You must shift your conscious beliefs and abilities to a light force that will enhance your creative processes. Mankind is evolving right here and now. Pay attention to your focus and your own priorities. How would you choose to spend your time and who do you decide to give your attention to. This will help each of you to decide the right path for you. As you commit to this growth and change, your lives will change and grow. This really is an exciting time to come into your power and be on the earth plane. We watch in excitement and anticipation. We are aware of what lies ahead and we look forward to seeing how you each partake in the shift.

Noah and All Those Who Commit to Helping You of the Earth