Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pre-conceived Notions and Your Path!

Blessed Ones,

Look at your pre-conceived notions. What is it that you are working at or on? Is that from your spirit asking you to follow a path or is it from your ego mind telling you what you should do.

Your path is your path but can you pursue it from a pure place instead of through the convoluted eyes. We are not around you to do all the work for you but we surround you to help guide you through your journey. We are your best friends who come through to help you navigate. We are the part that remembers what is within and around you. Know that we have the ability to help you so that you don’t need to struggle or feel dread in your earth plane existence.

Connect to your inner essence and utilize this force to recreate yourself. You will find that immensely helpful. Come from the pure energy and you will no longer struggle and you will be lead into your future lives. Your paths will awaken as if by magic. Know this. Much is changing but it lies beyond the scope of what you have been brought up knowing. It is not in the conventional way but from the forces of light and knowledge. It takes you to the place from the beyond. That is the goal to merge worlds and ideas and open to a new phase that is to awaken what is within and surrounding you. It bridges much that is beyond current human knowledge.