Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Asking for Our Help!

When you truly want our help, with some part of your life, remember to ask us in and ask for our help. We cannot interfere with you or your path without permission. When we answer you, do not then try to negotiate with us to do something different from what comes through as your directions. If we have answered you, the steps will lead you to what you have asked for.

We will often respond to you and then you try to find a way to do what you want to do and ignore the advice we have sent you. That tells us you really don’t want our help. It also can create a scenario where we are more reticent about coming through.

We are willing to help you create your desires but there are times where a circuitous route may show up. It may not make sense to you, at the time. However, it will lead you to the answer you seek. You need to lay a foundation before the desire may be realized. In some cases, you have already laid he foundation and something may show up quickly. Much of creation holds a process that you must follow to create the dream. The creation may be in a place where you have time to evaluated what you have asked for. Know that we are listening. The arguments with us don’t help you or us out. It just creates blocks from you getting clear answers or you putting a skewing of the information. It is best to get the pure answer and go with that. To get a pure answer, you must be open to all potentials.


Noah and the Team