Friday, June 17, 2011

Invite Your Guides to Work With You!

All things are shifting and changing. Your routines are not kept in stone. As your world changes, many of you will find that your lives are changing and evolving. For this to take place, you must learn to release the old you and open to the new you. You will be guided and accompanied on this journey. You have only to invite your guides and guards in with you. Many surround you waiting to be invited in. We are not scary of fear based. We just merely are open to spending time with you and your day. We welcome you and we look forward to you welcoming us.

Advanced training awaits many of you. It has nothing to do with classes, in the sense you have learned to perceive. We teach in energy transferences. We are light, sounds and vibrations. We may seem subtle but we hold profound affects.

Yeah! We hear many of you open to inviting us in. We look forward to working and playing with you. Note to yourselves, we do have playful sides and we enjoy working and playing with those open to us.

You don’t need a label (name) to invite us in. You have to only invite us in. We look forward to our work with you. All you have to do is say that whoever is supposed to work and play with me come on in and we will. You can also invite us in and ask for our help and we will be there in a flash.

Realize that not all of our work together is heavy duty. Some of it is quite enjoyable for those open to having fun and joy in their lives. Healing takes place in love and joy and not in dourness. Something can be serious but also loving and compassionate. Think about that!

When people ask you about the source of those working with you, that is a fear based question. You can let them know you are not playing the fear card any more and go on your way. If someone is supposed to work with you and be with you, they will know it.