Saturday, June 18, 2011

Changing of Guides and Support in Changes!

Blessed Ones,

There is a time now where different guides may be stepping forward to work with you. We have mentioned that some of you may need to have time where you are isolated for certain periods of time. This is work that another group of beings is doing with some light workers to help advance them and their work. This is not from your guides and normal teams. As a result of the energy shifting different guides will be more in alignment with you and your work.

These new guides will hold their own vibrations. Some of them may be singular and may have names or there may be some collective force coming through. It will be whatever you each need. There is no reason for you to have concern about this. It is just what you need to experience. Do not hold onto the past energy because it is more comfortable for you. Give the current group of energies a chance to show you that they are also wonderful additions to your lives.

We know that change may be scary to many of you but it is part of growth and your existences. Change happens in all realms and not just your realm but in other realms beings are more open to the flow of the energy. They know and trust the flow. Your world thinks that a lack of change is stable and safer. You also have much doctrine that teaches you to fear what you don’t understand. We hope that you are feeling more comfortable with these shifts after the years of exposure to our information for you.

Many of you are on the tip of great changes and you must be comfortable with what is happening now so that you will allow the changes that need to take place to take place. That will allow you to fulfill your parts. Know we are around you and we are monitoring all things taking place.

The Yahwehs