Thursday, June 23, 2011

Putting Things Together!

Dear Ones,

Realize that your goals and aspirations are not the end result or destination. They are pieces in the puzzle of your life. The elements of who you are and who you need to be are much better to focus on. What you desire to be, you already are in relationship to what you are creating. So, you do not need to focus on becoming something, unless you want to change attributes that no longer serve you.

Most humans in your history have not focused on being what history saw them as. They were what they were. Their traits and who they organically were helped create their legacies. They followed what was within them. That is your true purpose. Allow your life to be organic. Pursue what you truly love and value. Spend time with the people you love and value. Be loving and compassionate in all that you are and do. But most of all, be who and what you are. Be your authentic self and all that needs to happen will.

You will never need to control or manipulate another to get what is yours. You must instead be honoring and in integrity. Know that each has their own purpose and fate. They do not need you trying to force them into being what they are meant to be. People become what they are destined to be as it is meant to. By being in truth and integrity, you allow others around you to make the best choices for them. Never rob someone of the ability of making the best choice for them because you withheld information from them to try and get them to do what you wanted them to do. The more information someone has, the better able they are of making the choice right for them. Be in truth and integrity.

The Godhead