Wednesday, June 22, 2011


How do you find your destiny or even know what that is?

We caution you to not worry so much about what your destiny is because it is built into you programming. You are part of your destiny and you destiny is part of you. You will have a fire within you that leads you towards your future and your soul purpose. It is within you and must happen. Nothing can truly block any real destiny. Throughout history mankind has tried to stop the destiny of others but it never works out because the obstacles will help promote your path. You each must do what you are programmed to do. It is in your nature and your systems. The Universe will conspire to make it happen.

Your soul will know what that is, even when your conscious mind has no idea what it is or how to create it. It is the part of you that must be created. It is the energy and elements that feed your soul and life blood. If you are feeling ambivalent about something, it is probably not part of your programming. Who you are meant to be must be.

If you are feeling blocked or unsure, you have only to tune in from a clear and pure place and ask. Talk to your soul and see if something is part of your life purpose or if there is something else that is better suited to you. You will know truth. Always source it and ask that the truth be revealed. You can ask this about any activity or part that you feel is presenting itself to you. You may feel drawn to something because the experience will help you in your foundation or lead you to explore a direction. When it is time to be in your life purpose or destiny all other things will melt away. All you need to focus on is where this day leads you. Each moment builds on the next. You can handle anything by taking one moment at a time. Try and garner the most out of each experience if only to just show up for your life. You will be lead where you need to be. Again, if in doubt just check in with your soul and you will know what to do and how to do it.


The Godhead