Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting On Track

What are the things that people can do to get on track and create the work and life that is best for them?

Most of you are aware of the signs that you are discontented in your lives. So, the first step is awareness of what is not working in your life. The reason we go to this is because you are taught under the suffering model. So, you will recognize that something isn’t working for you before you will be aware of what works for you. Once you have the realization of what isn’t working, you need to then start looking at what is working in your life. Next, look at what skills and abilities you have and hold. Look at ways to put them together into work and life that is authentic to you.

We see that many have created lives and work based on what others have thought they should do. People are far to willing to give up control of their choices to others and then say that they have no power in the situation. You always have power but you must choose to use it and not ignore what is within you. If given any choice, always check in and see if you would value one decision over another and express your opinion. That will change what shows up greatly.

Some of you say that you can’t do something because it isn’t nice. So, you say yes to a date with someone you don’t want to spend time with. You say yes to a project that you dread doing. You say yes to “friends” who only want to control you. When you say no to these situations, you are releasing energy that doesn’t work for you. You free the others involved to go find someone who does want to be with them or resonates where they are. You allow someone who might like the project to say yes to it. Try and understand, if you say no to something, someone else will say yes. If there is a true need, it is always filled. If something is out of alignment with you, it will be in alignment with someone else.

When you say no to something that you don’t want to do, someone else can say yes to it. When you do things with an open heart, you are projecting love into agreement and that raises the vibration. When you say yes to something begrudgingly, it is not done from love. You bring a higher frequency to anything that you really enjoy doing. You also bring a higher vibration to things that you do from an open heart. When you do things with an open heart and from joy and passion, you are creating work and a life that is in alignment and coming from your power.