Monday, June 27, 2011

Life and Work!

We have a question for you today. Are you open to your life and your work? Look within you and pay attention to the excuses that you come up with to not do what you know needs to be done. Look at where you hold onto those who don’t belong in your life or with you. Look at where you do things that you know are not authentic. Look at where you place energy with people or situations that just drain you of life force or hold no balance. Look at where you have trained people to drain your energy and time.

After you have done this, now look clearly at what feeds your soul and your energy. What makes you feel excited and charged? Where and when are you connected to your inner power? The idea is that you recreate yourself and your life so that you feel excited and charged. Find what drives you and enlivens you and create that as your foundation and build from there. As you get committed to this new way of being, you will find that opportunities open up more and more for you to do that.

Just so you know, it is possible to create a life where you feel excited and vibrant all of the days of your life. You can do work that feels good and earn a wonderful living doing that. You just have to open to the possibility and the potential. It is what souls were designed to do. People have strayed only because they are taught to expect their life to be something different. Your inner map will always lead you in the right direction. Once you are aligned, the energy around you will provide opportunities. Some opportunities are to check your commitment and others are to help bring you into the work that is meant for you.