Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Authentic Energy & Choices!

How can people reconnect with their Divine self and true energy?

Dear Ones,

You are never really disconnected from your Divine self or true energy. It is within you. You have only to strip away the masks and facades you have created to fit in. Spend time finding what is an authentic pursuit. Find time alone to really source the inner you. Find time to have a few moments of quiet.

Everything and each choice you make is to help you find something or to fulfill a need. If you look to what it is fulfilling, you can see if it truly fulfills that or is just a way of masking something else. As you understand the core need, you can make better choices.

The human form is meant to be an experiment in choices and how people utilize them and make them. Many other existences do not have anything like your free will in their programming because it is not germane to that existence. Your human existence holds many choices. If you don’t value or appreciate one, then make another choice. You have the ability to experiment and try on new things and ways. This is a great gift. Your Divine self understands the gifts of this human existence. To truly find your true energy, be honest with your life and choices. Be willing to make another choice, if one things doesn’t work and also be willing to release with love and compassion instead of anger and dread. You hold power within you.