Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fresh Starts

Fresh starts begin with new beginnings. Learning to release what no longer fits and opening to something new. We see many of you repeat the same patterns and tell us why you must continue doing the same things day in and day out. As a result you do not see changes.

Don’t allow your fears to prevent you from making changes in your life. You can do things in a way where you still have a solid foundation. For instance, you don’t need to quit the job you hate until you find a job you would enjoy doing. Don’t feel that you are trapped. There is always a change you can make or something different you can try and do. Sometimes, it involves changing your perspective about something. You live in a world with many alternatives and options. Take advantage of that. Don’t stay in relationships or situations that you hate. Work towards creating something in your lives that you enjoy. Study or get whatever training you need to proceed onto the journey that gives you joy and works for you. Don’t create a life because you believe it is what you must do based on someone else’s definition of happiness. Find your own definition of happiness and create that.