Saturday, June 25, 2011

Know Yourself!

Know yourself! That sounds simple but many of you have become what others expect you to be. You do activities that others have designed are right for you and you go along with what others dictate. Many of you feel trapped in your lives because of this. You have not created authentically to what is your true nature. You hide who you are so others will like you or accept you. However, how can they really like or accept you, when they don’t know you.

Often others will project onto you traits they expect to see or experience with you. This also doesn’t allow you to be who you are because they won’t see you for who and what you are. Your job is to be who and what you are and not worry about what others gleam from it. People will come and go in your life but it is better that the people who stay are there because they value you as you and not as they wish you to be. You don’t really want a life of people who only will like you if you fit what they want. You need the people around you who really value you for who you really are. In order for you to be authentic, you must first strip away the facades you have created and really understand you.

You have no need to fear that who you really are isn’t good enough. It will be perfect for your true and authentic life. Go to all of your senses to help you strip away the facades and be true to who and what you are. You will not be sorry for this exercise. It will help you really manifest the life you are meant to live. You can stop the game playing and manipulations that occur every day and just be who and what you are. You can create a life with activities and work that are authentic to you and that you enjoy. You can follow the life that you are excited to live and create. It all goes back to first understanding what that is.