Sunday, June 12, 2011

High versus Low Vibrations!

Many of you are aware that changes are taking place. You feel the shifts. Even those who profess to not be energetically aware are realizing changes are taking places. Change is not good or bad. It is just different.

We watch many who are professing to be leaders spending a lot of time and energy in creating hate campaigns against one group or another. They profess to be in the moral high ground. But there is no moral high ground in creating laws and regulations meant to hurt any group of individuals. Use of violence and hate to squelch anyone is not of any higher light energy. You are not speaking for God or the light realms when you try to harm another. You do not go to heaven by thinking you are doing God’s (Allah, The Great Spirit or any other name you choose for the Creator) work and then you kill or harm another. There is no moral high ground usurping the rights or dignity of another. God is the higher plane of existence. Energy of hate and violence is a lower plane of existence.

Anyone who wants to connect to their spirit energy or to the higher planes of existence needs to come from a love base and work on raising their vibration. That only comes from doing things from love. Stop pandering to those who wish the path of lower vibration but profess self righteousness. When you come from the higher energy there is no need to preach punishment or repentance. You just simply love.

The true way to navigate the changes about to be are through love, courage, honor and respect. Stop giving attention to what you no longer wish to see expand. That is the path you truly must follow, in order to progress.

The Light