Sunday, June 19, 2011

We are At a New Phase!

There is a point where we will not be giving daily messages. We would rather address things as they need to be sent to you. Those who are our charges are waking up and receiving more and more direct contact with your own teams and those preparing you and so there is less of a need for us to come through to you.

Your world is advancing and there are clear shifts taking place. We wish you to really understand that you have all that you need and require. There is no need to stress about the shifts and changes taking place. You always have beings around you to help you and nurture you, as you require it.

This is a time of growth spurts for many of you. Honor your need for space and quiet time. Honor your feelings and emotions. Know that each being in your realm has their own journey to attend to and it will most likely be quite different from yours. We hope that we have taught you and you have gotten this message that it is not your job to change or fix anyone. You will be there to assist many or some. Your main purpose is to be support in the growth spurt.

In this next phase you will be given directions on what you need to do now. In order for this to take place, you must really let go of the old ways and preconceived notions. Open up for the inspiration to flow through you. Trust your own guidance and directions. That will always serve you in the days, weeks and months ahead. Help is around you. Really understand this.

Your missions are being prepared and we trust you all to embark on them with style, love, compassion and with all of the gifts you each possess. Know we are proud of each of you and all of you.


The Godhead

(As an aside, different beings have given me daily messages through July 8th. So, we will still be giving messages but they feel different and they address other challenges and insights than the past few years have. So, know we are still here to help those who need our help. It also looks that a new adventure will await many of us by the end of August. So, the message seems to be to stay open and stay tuned. - Ken and Team)