Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hallelujah and Amen. Praise in the glory of the highest. Be thee aware that the gates of heaven are upon all of thee who will enter.

My brothers and sisters,

We shine great light on those that will receive it. Many will join us in this plane of existence for it is soon time to make the way of light upon the earth. The light has always been there for those who would see it. Many overlook what is really present because you will not pay attention. The filters that many place upon themselves block the view of light that is all around.

Will you take time to actually view the light? Will you take time to actually appreciate the light around you? When you are ready to see, you will see. When you are ready to wake up, you will wake up. The choice is and always has been your own now and always. The blinders many see the world through exist of their own making. When you are truly ready to change you will.

Blessings and Hosanna!


Friday, April 29, 2011

New Vibration and Shifts

Brothers and Sisters,

We of the gatekeepers have started to emerge to help those ready to cross into a new vibration. We assess you constantly for the signs you are truly ready and as you are, we will come through and assist you. You have no need to worry about this process for we do it with love and light. If you have done your preparation work, you will find this transition easy. If you have not done as requested by your teams, we will not process you to the next phase until you are truly ready for this shifting to take place. We have no need to worry you about this process. It will seem natural to those ready. We are just letting you know that each phase leads to the next phase and nothing is processed before it is ready.

There will be a sense of quickening for those ready and you will emerge into a place of readiness for your next assignments. The shifts and changes will progress in concurrence with those brought through the energy of light and those who must find their way to grow and evolve on other levels first. Those meant to work in specific ways will know what to do and those ready for their work will have the help needed appear for them. Synchronicity will take place beautifully. So, there is no need of fear or a sense of judgment on any of this process. You can’t force this shift or try to be something you are not with this change. You only need to do your work and be the energy you are and meant to be.

Noah and the Gatekeepers

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Doctrine versus Light Being Communication

We are bringers of light to mankind. We speak through many of you who are part of us but our lessons and information may vary. Many of you have tried to mix the lessons you receive from your teams and energies with what you are taught through literature and scriptures. You are comparing energies that don’t necessarily work together.

To progress to this next phase, you will need to be able to separate out what you have had drummed into your heads with a purer form of the energy that you receive from your teams. You must learn to receive directly from your sources and it doesn’t need to be a difficult piece to add. Just simply clear yourselves and tune into your source energy. Summon your connection to source and see what comes through. Keep a clear connection and let that provide you with your necessary information.

As this connection progresses, you will each be sent more and more onto your own journeys. Whatever you need will be provided on the way. You will travel lightly down this path. There is no need for stuff and anything that bogs you down. Friends and family may be reconfigured for this element of the journey. Meaning, you will find some people go away and others come in. There is no need for concern. All that is needed will be provided for all who are open to the energy path ahead.

When people find that they don’t have something they think that they need, it is because they are imposing ego energy into the equation and thinking they need something that isn’t really necessary. So, clear away any fears or concerns you have and know in this path, you are in a place of love and all will be as it needs to be.


Uriel and the Gate Keepers

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Preparing for the Next Phase

For those of you who have assessed that it is right for you to continue with us, we will soon be ready to continue with you.

Many of you have been asked to isolate yourselves from what you have known. This is part of your preparation. We have needed to isolate you so that you may be cleared of past conditioning and fears. We realize it has challenged you greatly. Your world is being divided among those who wish to be in fear based and those ready to progress. It may appear that more wish to continue in fear than those who wish to come from love but that is not what we see taking place.

Many among you choose love. Many of you are ready to move beyond doctrine and emotions of fear and trepidations. As you take time to isolate and clear yourselves of these old beliefs, you will soon recognize your spirit forms are transforming and taking new shape. As this takes place, new beliefs will emerge and you will start to gleam your direction and purpose. You are in a place where you will succeed in this shift. A lovely outcome is guaranteed. This outcome may appear differently from what you envisioned but it will be perfect for you and your work and lives. Hold to your power and center. Allow your true light to emerge. This will be key to your growth and transformations. You are each ready for that which your destiny holds for you. You will receive help along the way.

We honor each of you for your willingness to grow and evolve on your true paths.


Yahweh and the Keepers of the Light

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Parameters of Readings

Dear Ones,

For those wishing to work with Ken, we have set some new parameters in his work. Many will contact us through him and want to know about their children or family relatives and ask questions about their relative’s journey. We have stopped channeling those answers to Ken because the relatives you inquire about are not asking or giving permission for such a violation. It is a violation because it is doing psychic spying. When you choose to set up a session, you must ask about questions related to you and your own growth and paths.

We will permit questions related to how you may better deal with situations or how to work things out with other people because that is still about how you may better your communication or working through issues. We will offer advise on how you may better follow your paths or create along your paths.

Free Will and respect of all paths must be adhered to. We ask that you honor that. Just because someone makes decisions you don’t understand or acknowledge doesn’t mean it isn’t right for them. We are moving into directions of paths where you create more honoring and respectful relationships and lives. The information will shift as we evolve on our paths with you.

Check What is Right For You!

Dear Ones,

We are at a point where those of you who read our words and messages must assess if our work is right for you. There is a shift happening and divisions are being drawn. We wish to serve those who belong with us. If our work is not in resonance with you, you must realize it and be able to step away from us. What you need will then come through.

If you are resonant with us, you are welcome to continue with us on this path. We just ask that you be honest. Our future messages will only resonate with those who belong with us. Our work is to prepare some of you for the future lives you have agreed to. Those of a different resonance will need to pursue other outposts for your directions and guidance. There are many who teach different lessons, at different levels. Just check in and see what is right for you and your path and journey. Take the time you need to assess what is right for you. Always be true to your own path.

As you release what is not right for you, you open up space. Whenever anything comes your way, tune in and see if it is right for you. There is nothing wrong with saying no to something that is not in alignment with you. It could be in alignment at another time but it doesn’t have to be. This is a stage of refinement where you shift your focus to what belongs on your path with you. Each will soon be able to get their own information soon enough. We are here for extra support for those who need it. Remember you are never alone. Your individual teams are always with you on your side and guiding your every step. You have only to ask for help and it is there.


The God Head

Monday, April 25, 2011

Definition of Spiritual and Learning to Ask for Permission Before Doing Things!

When people assume being spiritual means that they can never get angry or feel whatever is natural for them to feel, they are missing part of the human experience. You are meant to feel a gambit of emotions and learn from them. It helps you work out the physical existence. This is not an excuse for you to be abusive or mean spirited but for you to be honest and real about what you are feeling and experiencing. You can still do this and be honoring and respectful of others. When energy is allowed to flow and exist, a better balance is created. You can better control your range of emotions and make better choices. In the long run, you will have a better balance in your life.

Think of your earth. If pressure builds up and is not allowed a release, you end up with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and Tsunamis of great proportion. When the gradual release is allowed, the damage is not as severe.

The goal of feelings is that you be authentic and real. That is what we wish for all of you.

We also remind you when you think you are doing good work, please ask the energy you assume you are helping if it wants your type of help. Don’t assume you are serving until you get a response from the energy giving you permission to go ahead. Many operate from the perception that their ego plan or belief system is doing service but you have never asked those whom you perceive to do the service with for permission. We recognize that you have good intentions but in many cases you will contribute to the harm by not asking if your plan is with the Divine plan or against it or for permission from the energy you wish to help. We know you desire to help. So, in order to do that, you must ask if your help is required or how to help.

We also realize that many of you are in a place of being put on hold and you are looking for things to do in the meantime. Please be patient. You will know what to do when the time is right. You may ask your teams what is required of you in the particular day or time.



Sunday, April 24, 2011

Know Yourself and Own Your Own Power!

Others may not take away what you truly are, meaning that they do not see the real you. They may teach you to obscure your true self. Others may help you block your path or knowledge of your path or true self but you will always hold your inner being within you. You each may tap into what is within yourself. Your power is always in you. You don’t need to play the game of allowing others to define you.

The labels and ways of defining you are not the tasks of others, even when it seems that others constantly do that. Those labels only exist when you choose to own them. Others don’t really need to know who or what you really are. That is your responsibility to know yourself.

So, when you feel lost or disconnected, go within yourself and access the truth within in you. Your soul holds the key to much that you seek. Follow the path that is authentic to you and aligned with your soul purposes and desires.



Saturday, April 23, 2011

Guides and Perspectives

Blessed Ones,

What are your expectations of us? What do you imagine us to be and how do you expect us to function and exist? We know that you have a lot of situations that feed information to you and help you conjure images of us.

When you actually see us and receive us as we are, you will often be quite surprised. We take energy and transmit it. The images that you perceive may be adjusted to your expectations. Now take this thought and look at how you affect different aspects of your own lives. You have been taught to take different pieces and impose them or try and put them together with other aspects and energy.

We offer this exercise as just a way to help you view things differently. Try taking a situation and removing your expectations of how things should be and any need you may have to control the situation or outcomes. What happens when this takes place. What happens when you can release the need to control or figure the answer out for situations? It is good for you to learn to get out of your perceptions of existences and outcomes. Just try it and see what shows up. You might actually enjoy it. It is good to shake up your belief systems at times.

The Mediators

Friday, April 22, 2011


When we speak of balance, we are not comparing it to scales and placing you in inertia. We speak of balance like a tire that is in balance on your car. It needs to be aligned so it can work at its best. You are grounded and focused when you are balanced and able to assess clearly in each moment. You are alert and at your best so you make better judgments for yourself in whatever circumstances present themselves to you.

When others seek to keep you out of balance, you are placed in predicaments where others are more apt to manipulate and convince you to do what they wish you to do. It is a sales technique of manipulation. You are not allowed the chance to really process what is being asked of you and hence you are convinced to do something that your balanced self would not do.

When you are balanced and aligned, you make your best decisions and that is what we want for you. That is from the higher principle because there is no manipulation and you have the choices that are right for you. Always find your center and balance before responding. Tune in and listen to what comes from within you. If anyone tries to force you into immediate decisions based on fast talking or manipulation, step away and assess what is best for you. You are responsible for your own choices. Make the most of that power.


Yahweh and Moses

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Each Moment

Blessed Ones,

Breathe deeply. Take in this day and this moment. It will not be repeated again. Recognize that for each moment and each experience. Even those moments or experiences that seem to be the same are not the same. There is a difference in your thoughts, beliefs, realities. Nothing is to be repeated exactly as it was in the past, present or future.

What does that conjure up for you, when you know that nothing is exactly the same? It should help bring you into the present moment and the enjoyment of what is right here and right now.

When you make decisions, know that nothing is permanent. It is just the moment of this sense of reality. You always have the ability to make another choice as the moments arise. Take time to assess what is right for you in each moment and release the need to criticize or punish yourself for what you have done in the past. If you assess something was not the right way to go, then see if you can stop yourself from that behavior in the future or in the present moment. Break any loops you may feel stuck in.

You must learn to utilize the potentials of the moments to the best of your abilities. That is where learning and growth takes place.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Source Energy

Every now and then it is good for humans to take some time and connect or reconnect to their source energy. It is a way of realigning to your path and purpose. It is about re-plugging into your source of energy. This might be different from what you call the source energy. So, notice we say your source energy.

It is easy to get disconnected when you buy into what you see in media and around you. Many people are disconnected and not even aware of it because they have such scattered focus. Your power lies in being aligned with your core energy and source energy. It helps you be better connected. When you are grounded in this connection, you are aligned better for your life and soul purposes. That is your aim and goal.

If you can take time each day and each night to just connect to your source. See if that makes a difference in your lives.



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is Meant To Be Will Be!

What is meant to be will always happen. It isn’t always on your appointed terms but it will take place. Many feel that they have control over outcomes and try to maintain control. There are many experiences, which will be as they need to be no mater what you do or try to do. Destiny is just that. It is not altered by manipulations or control of situations. There are some pieces that you control through free will but many you do not.

Look to your history and notice how many have tried to prevent prophecies from taking place. They have tried to kill beings or do what they think they can to prevent the prophetic experience. It doesn’t work and it never has and it never will. Many claim to be able to change the future but at some point it will be as it is meant to be. It is part of your fates.

We are always surprised how beings feel the need to control that which is uncontrollable. Instead, spend the time with what you can do and enjoy the moments with those in your lives. When it is time to let go of someone, let go of them and be in honor with them. Place your focus where it is really needed instead of distractions. If you don’t know how to do this, then ask your teams to help you and you will know how to proceed.



Monday, April 18, 2011

Just Breathe!

Breathe my dear ones. We wish you to take some time today and just be quiet. Enjoy what is around you and let it be as it needs to be. Worry not for you all need to take some time out and just relax. If you can’t do it this day, then do it when you can. Even if you can only take five minutes to relax, find time to do that.

Give yourself ways to rejuvenate and appreciate the moment.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Those who Watch Over Us

Brothers and Sisters,

We are around you now. We are observing your world and your earth as we are here for emergency evacuations, if needed. We monitor the earths core and the earths levels. We seek out the danger spots and danger potentials. Those of you who are our brothers and sisters are watched closely by many. Our ships are prepared to escort many of you to safety.

Your knowledge and learning can be very useful to other worlds and there are many who are open to learn from the mistakes and choices made by humans. Much is still in flux and has not been decided. We merely offer back up to those who belong with us and are on your planet at this time to gather information to help many other galaxies. There is great potential for excitement to come into your lives rather quickly.

Our people look for ways to be useful as do many of you. So, know there is no need for worry or concern. We are here to watch your backs, as you would say.

Ashtar Command

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Information and Shifts in Energy

There are often times where you view information we share with you as an absolute and then you see it change rather quickly. You find this to be disconcerting and think you are wrong in what you picked up or you say it erodes your trust in your guides.

Your world is changing very quickly and the pace is picking up. We have taught many of you and prepared you for many contingencies that you may or may not be aware of. We have learned who is willing to be reshuffled at a moments notice and who is ensconced in their current lives and unwilling to yield or change. Those who are more open will find that the information is often confusing because we know we can count on you so we will reshuffle you to where you are needed most. Your paths seem uncertain only because the lives of many are uncertain.

We have many pieces in place for you and for your survival. There are many potential alternatives in the works. So, know that when you check in daily or even more often than that, you are only picking up the pathway that is for that current moment. It will be accurate but it may shift. We are doing our best to help each of you handle what is to be. Know that we are surrounding you in love and light and will make things as clear as possible to you. Your work is evolving and altering as needed. All is revealed at the perfect timing and in the perfect way.

Noah & Owen

Friday, April 15, 2011

Different Vibrations

Brothers and Sisters,

Here we are around you. Do you feel us or notice us? We hold different vibrations than yours. Can you tune into something that is not in human vibrations? You often demand to be connected with those around you but do you know what is involved? Most of you expect us to do all of the work and you do little to help it. In fact, many of you are fearful of what you might see. That is often a block from being able to see us. We do not wish to create fear among you. We wish to just be there for you. We also will often appear in a way that isn’t of your human knowledge so it doesn’t make sense to your senses.

When you are serious about seeing your guides or being able to feel them, you must commit to opening up your resonance with them. Allow your vibration to adjust to what it needs to be to allow this to take place. Send your acceptance of them as they are and allow them to be as they are and they will join you and appear in their form and resonance. Release your need to control your guides and teams. Release the need to tell us how to do our jobs. Do tell us when something isn’t clear to you so we can work to clarify information. Let it all flow.

Do not do any of this unless you are open to who and what is working with you. Do not allow appearances to put you off for your guides are perfect for you and who you are so let them be as they need to be. Sense beyond appearances and learn to accept them as you would wish to be accepted as you are.



Thursday, April 14, 2011


Messengers come in many forms, shapes and sizes. Our messages are sent from various sources to help those we pass information onto. Mankind believes that angels are just sitting around waiting to be called on. This does happen in some spheres of existence but realize that what you refer to as angels have a full life in their own realms. Some of you have links to these beings and others have links to other beings. Religion has created stories about angels coming and bringing messages from God. These religions were not open to messages coming from other beings so the stories needed to be made with some form of Universal connection or linking.

In reality, what takes place is that you each come from different spheres of existence. You are connected to beings from that sphere of existence and those are the beings who come through to help you, when you call on them or need their advice. There is no right or wrong in this except when you try to control the other beings who are there to be of service to you and your lives. Your messengers, guards, guides or however you would refer to them are around you for specific reasons. You are linked to where you come from with these beings/messengers. They may have forms or not, depending on what is required. You must learn to open your minds and allow your links to other worlds and consciousness to be who and what they are.

We do not come from doctrine but from true faith. When you pray, pray from your inner being/heart. Be honest and straight forward. We do not need to bargain with you or force you to submit. Those who are your brethren (either male, female or no ties to sexual identities), choose to help each of you. Respect them for what they truly are as you would want to be respected for what you truly are. Do not lie to them or try to convolute for they can read into your souls. Trying to be clever with them does you no service.

Some may give you labels to refer to them but others will not. As you awaken and allow your group of helpers to be who and what they are, you will know that you are in good hands (so to speak). Trust what comes through to you to be perfectly suited for you. This piece is vital for you to now expand because many would try and tell you how to control angels or other realm beings. That is not your job or task. It is your job or task to honor and respect those committed to bridging different worlds with you. When and if you desire companionship and help from your link beings, then just call on them and they are part of you so they are with you. They offer their love, help and support freely to you. Please respect that. They are not your servants but part of your team.

Love and Light


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Blessed Ones,

Think not that there are beings who wish you harm that have been sent to you from the Creator. For this is no Divine Being who would treat you so. Mankind created many stories about beings being sent by God to destroy humans and what you have created but that is not how we work. Humans were looking for explanations about why things happened as they did. They did not understand that there was a plan and things were happening accordingly. They did not understand that the earth was a living, breathing entity that was growing and evolving. As part of that, the earth would have earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other forms of shifting taking place.

Humans are but visitors to the planet you perceive as home. You come and go as your spirit is able. You are just on your host while the planet evolves. Those who leave will go into another sphere of existence and those who stay will carry on as the plan is for them. It is not a punishment but a gift of grace given to you. Your soul has embarked on a journey and you have chosen this specific phase. We realize that when you are in such a powerful shift, it does not feel like a gift. Your spirit starts over, at many stages in existence. Where many get stuck is in staying put on land or a specific area of ground. If you were to open to where your spirit needs you to be, you would know that you will be where you are supposed to be. It is only when you get stubborn and refuse to move or leave for specific reasons that you will experience what you perceive as trouble.

Your world is going through a growth spurt that will last for the next 50 or 60 years. During this, much will be changed in your physical plane and you will notice that your earth configuration will shift greatly during this phase. Weather patterns may seem more intense and you will see things that no other humans have seen. There are some species that have been part of this but humans did not exist at that time of your history.

The changes taking place are not for you to change or alter. You have agreed to partake in this phase or you would not be alive during it. For those who leave during this phase, you have also chosen this long before birth. This is a time of re-creation. So, mourn not for this and fret not. Look to this as a chance to rebuild into something that works better for the next phase of existence. Now hear thee our words and know all is in order, even when it looks like chaos.


The God Force

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Learning to Tune In for Yourself

There is much written and much that surrounds you. Don’t blindly believe what you read or research. Always check in with whatever you are presented with to find what resonates with you. Many write and teach from a sense of authority. Their teachings and writings may be appropriate for some but realize that you all come from different backgrounds and purposes. So, what is right for you and what may appear to hold your answers will be different.

If you are ever confused or unsure, always go back to source. Pray or open up for your direct communication. You are never alone and you are provided with the directions you require at every turn. You have only to ask for the help.

Know that most doctrine will not provide truth. It is a mixture of beliefs and stories compiled by men under the auspices of being directed by God. The only true directions from God will come directly to you when and as needed. You have guides who will always steer you towards your path and destiny. Know this and pay attention to this. Those who profess to speak for God are not what you should blindly take. Always, always check in and make sure your soul resonates with the information. We can guarantee you that nothing from God will promote violence among you or with you. Always seek truth.

We come to you from a place of love.

The Lohan
(We are a group of beings that come to you now to help guide you)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Physical Forms

You wonder about your forms and many of you are attached to your forms but they are just borrowed by all of you. Some of you choose your forms to experiment with what a certain appearance would be like. Some of you are given forms for the time you are needed on the earth. You don’t need to worry about taking your forms with you. They are just a vehicle for this planet and sense of reality.

Some of you are on pathways where you will be literally transforming from your current forms to something else and still be within this lifetime. There are many forms of transformation. Some will seem subtle and some will seem intense but whatever takes place is right for those experiencing the changes. Know this and honor this.

The Maker of Men

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Wisdom is knowing when to commit to something and when to make changes. Knowing how to change and grow is important for each of you. Change is something that happens but there may need to be a shift in focus on other avenues or take different chances. Always be willing to learn and grow. Find what excites you and enriches your life. Know we surround you and find environments that help you thrive.

Stop giving your energy to those whom you don’t respect and value. Stop putting your energy in areas you say you hate or make you feel used or underappreciated. As you pull your energy from what you don’t value, you have much more energy to place where you do value it. You hold many keys to the changes in your life. You must first be aware of what you want to change and then be open to trying new things.


Saturday, April 9, 2011


How many of you read these messages and judge them from the length of them? Is that what is really important to you and what needs to be transmitted. Many guides can convey a great message to you with one word, thought or idea. It doesn’t need to be verbose. It just needs to convey a spark that helps you in some way or inspires you to a new thought or way of being. We communicate with you to help you grow. We try to impart wisdom that will help you move forward in your development or to enjoy moments of the present. It doesn’t matter if your process is in stagnation or moving quickly. All parts of your day and reality are valid to you. You are not judged by what others do or don’t do. You are only judged by how you choose to live in what you have designed or what is designed for you. There is no one else to compare you with for your guides are only around you for you. There is no other measuring stick that will work as well as you measuring up against yourself.


Friday, April 8, 2011


Clear away what no longer serves thee. Make space for what is new. Release the old. This is not just about things. This request is about people, beliefs, ruminations. You are challenging yourself to look at what holds you back from your life and what gives you joy. There is no need or reason to blame another. You have created or agreed to all that you are and have right now and in this moment. This exercise will create a great space for you and allow you to move forward in your destiny. Most of what holds anyone back comes from beliefs within each of you. Now is a great time to make changes. Start by cleaning what is within you and then look at how that affects your environment and what you no longer need to hold onto and can now release.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wish Fulfillment

Wish fulfillment! Would you know what that means? Many of you dream up what you want and desire. It shows up and you miss it or you are onto the next thing. Instead, take some time and savor the moment and what you have right here and now. When you realize your desire, take some time to enjoy it. Don’t always rush into the next project or creation. Sometimes, you just need to slow down and enjoy what is right here and right now.

Examine your life and what you have manifested. If you don’t truly like or appreciate something, let it go. There is no need to hold onto it if it is not to your liking. But look at what you are giving away. Know that it is something that will hold great value to another. Would you want it back knowing this? If not, let it go to where it will be valued most.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Does this Day Hold for You?

Wait and see what this day will hold in store for thee. Not all must be planned out. There are surprises around each corner. Are you open? Are you willing to take a chance? What is something that you have always wanted to experience? What is it that you most wish for? What can you do today to take you closer to your dream life and experience? What are you willing to try differently?

Start thinking about things that are important to you. The questions we pose can be the keys to the new life you have dreamed of. Embrace this challenge and see where it takes you. Your future awaits!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Flow

What once was is no longer. The passing day and moments are not to be held onto but nurtured in the moment of the time. The past serves each of you but it is not meant to be a burden to carry forward. It is meant to be the moment that is no longer. There is nothing wasted. It is as it must be.

Start viewing what you have and what you are experiencing differently. Your perceptions are often skewed. When you learn to open up, you may see things from a different vantage point. Most of learning is also working on your perceptions and how they serve you. What we hold onto and what we are willing to let go of, will often change our day and moment. If you can learn to experience through different perceptions, you will often get a clearer picture.


Monday, April 4, 2011


Dear Ones,

Make a prayer, when you are ready, to ask that all obstacles be removed that no longer serve you. Ask that you be taken towards the path that is right for you and any false paths be revealed. When you are ready to create your authentic life, this will help make that available. It will clear the people and situations that are not appropriate for you from the equation and shift your life and personal world. This will not create harm to those who are interloping. It will only reveal truth to you and help you align with what is meant to be.

The God Head

Saturday, April 2, 2011


How can you create different forms of celebrations? What are things you can create to look forward to? There is no need to wait for others to do things designed to give you pleasure and enjoyment of your day. Instead, find ways to do this for yourselves. Learn to court yourselves and find ways to create enjoyment in each moment of time.

How can you do something to help brighten the day for another? What do you hear people say that they value and would really enjoy. Is there a way you can give someone over burdened a break? Is there a way you can give a smile to a stranger or help someone carry a package? Give a willing ear to someone who needs to share. There are times when you do this, you must shield yourself so that you are not taking in venom. Is there someone you know who is lonely or needs a ride or someone to share a meal with? Can you find time to fit this into your day or week? Find what works for you and those you interact with. Know you are not on this planet alone. Find things that you look forward to and find those who need something to look forward to. See if you can’t work something out that works for both of you and all concerned. Know also that you do not need to do this for everyone just those you feel drawn to or guided to.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Shifts and Changes

Changing seasons often mark perceived time. Elements shift and some go dormant while others awaken. Shifting polarities and shifting ways. Time moves forward and so do days. Find the Spring within your ways. Awaken up to the sands of time and play.

Nothing lasts and nothing stays the same for you are in a period of great change. Rhymes and rhythms mark this day for we of the other world have come in to play. Mark this moment on clocks of time and in it try and find that which helps you remember a life sublime.

Marcus Andronicus